Ward Schools In New York City 1-26 1865

School No. 1_Fourth Ward: Vandewater street, near Pearl.

School No. 2_Seventh Ward: 116 Henry Street, near Pike.

School No. 3_Ninth Ward: Corner of Hudson and Grove streets.

School No. 4_Thirteenth Ward: 203 Rivington street, corner of Ridge.

School No. 5_Fourteenth Ward: 222 and 226 Mott street.

School No. 6_Twelfth Ward: Randall's Island.

School No. 7_Tenth Ward: 60 Chrystie, between Hester and Canal.

School No. 8_Eighth Ward: 66 Grand Street, between Laurens and Wooster.

School No. 9_Twenty-second Ward: Corner of Eleventh avenue and Eighty-second, West.

School No. 10_Fifteenth Ward: 180 Wooster street, near Bleecker.

School No. 11_Sixteenth Ward: 214 West Seventeenth street, near Eighth avenue.

School No. 12_Seventh Ward: 371 Madison Street, near Jackson Street.

School No. 13_Seventeenth Ward: No. 239 East Houston street, near Norfolk street.

School No. 14_Twenty-first Ward: East Twenty-seventh street, near Third avenue.

School No. 15_Eleventh Ward: 289 Fifth street, between avenues C and D.

School No. 16_Ninth Ward: 138, 140, 142, and 144 West Thirteenth street, near Seventh avenue.

School No. 17_Twenty-second Ward; Forty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues.

School No. 18_Nineteenth Ward: Fifty-first street, near Lexington avenue.

School No. 19_Seventeenth Ward: Fourteenth street, between First and Second avenues.

School No. 20_Tenth Ward: Chrystie street, near Delancey.

School No. 21_Fourteenth Ward: Marion street, near Prince.

School No. 22_Eleventh Ward: Stanton, corner of Sheriff street.

School No. 23_Sixth Ward: 26 and 28 City Hall Place.

School No. 24_Sixth Ward: 68 Elm street, near Leonard.

School No. 25-Fourth Ward: 13 Oak Street.

School No. 26_(not mentioned at all in the book)


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Article Name: Ward Schools In New York City 1-26 1865
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 Bibliography: From my collection of Books: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York by D.T. Valentine 1865
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