The Eastern District Rape Of Three Women 1866


At Two o'clock yesterday afternoon, John Monaghan, Michael Quinn, and James Kerwin, were arraigned before Justice Dailey, on the charge preferred against them of robbing and ravishing the three women, Mrs. Ellen Walker and the Misses Margaret lacy and Anna Campbell, residing at No. 202 North Seventh street, E.D. Mr. Charles Briggs, counsel for defendants, being absent at the opening of the case, the continuation of Mrs. Walker's cross-examination was postponed, and Miss Lacy called to the stand. Her testimony was as follows:

Miss Lacy's Testimony

Margaret Lacy sworn; I reside at No. 202 North Seventh street with my sister Ellen Walker; I work at vest-making with my sister; on the morning of December 2d I was a-bed; I retired at about 10 o'clock on the previous evening; my sister awoke me by crying "murder;" a man had hold of her arm; I was in bed at that time with my sister and Anna Campbell; I saw five men in the room; I recognized Monaghan as one of them; also Michael Quinn; when I awoke one of them seized me by the arm; I asked him what he wanted, when he said he would show me; he said they came in there for satisfaction; I began to shout for "help," whereupon he told me that if I should make any alarm that he would mash my "snoot" on my face; the person who said that is not arrested; Monaghan pinched me on the foot and took out a knife, saying: "which one is it? I will cut her throat right away, if she don't keep silent," one of the party then took a smoothing-iron and said he would scatter our brains, if we did not make less noise; the one who said that is not present; they said they came to strip us of some of our fire clothing and furniture, and that as soon as we got more they would take that also.

They said that they intended to come on the week following; but if they did not come another gang would; then one came in with a lamp, when I told them not to take our clothing; he said "Oh! yes, we'll leave it;" Monaghan put his hands over my eyes when the man came in with the lamp; Monaghan was the principal, the ringleader, I should judge; he took his hat and put it over my sister's eyes; several others of the party then caught him by the hair, pulling him back towards the wall, and calling him hard names; they came in and asked where that biggest son of a b___ (Monaghan) was; he was on the bed at the time; he was rubbing his knife (white handled, straight blade) against the wall; he then handed his knife to Anna Campbell and told her to cut his throat for she would only have him sent up for 5 years in the morning; there were two others on the bed at this time, one on the floor and one by the door; the parties on the bed (here witness burst into tears) the persons of all three of us were violated; defendant, Monaghan, was one of the parties who violated us; I think Quinn was also one of them on the bed; he was holding me down on the bed, and said that if I knew when I was well off I had better keep still; I was trying to escape from the bed; I offered resistance and cried out; when I put my hand on his face I felt some pimples; he said "Oh, you are feeling of me, are you, to know me in that way!" he took my arm and said he would break it if I did not take my hand off his face; my object was to feel if he had hair on it; I rubbed my hand across his forehead and down on his face: I felt the pimples on his forehead; did not feel any hair on his face; I told them to go out, when Monaghan got a potato-smasher and struck me over the eye; he kicked and walked on me! he then tried to draw the rings from my ears; I asked him if he would not let me have my ear-rings, as my mother had given them to me; at this instant one of the party appeared at the door with a knife, when I said, "Oh, he is going to kiss us;" he had a middling sized knife; three went out of the room, and one remained sitting on the floor, watching us; we asked him if they were going to kill us, and he said they would silence us by daylight if we didn't keep still; he sat there about fifteen minutes, when Monaghan and the two others came back.

They asked us how we liked night burglars and asked us to kiss them; Monaghan asked this and I told him to take all we had, but to spare our lives; he said he did not know whether they would or not, but if they did we might consider ourselves lucky; I asked him if he had a sister or mother, that he would like any one to come in in that way, he said his sister was a common w___, and his mother an imp of hell!. All went out save one, who said he would get me all the things back again; he then went out and returned in a short time (about 3 minutes) with 1 dress and 3 pairs of shoes, saying, "there's all your things now, we have not touched any" he said there were three men lying drunk on the floor in the outside room; this party is not present; he left shortly afterwards. When my sister got up in about five minutes afterwards, we followed her upstairs; the man living upstairs would not let us in at first, thinking that we were the men; he let us in however, and said that he had heard us cry "murder", we had found our three trunks on the floor of the front room, just before passing up stairs to Mr. and Mrs. Ling; we were not dressed at this time; it was daylight in a short time after that; we remained there until about 7 o'clock, A.M.

I was twice ravished by one person; he is not present; all my sister's property was taken away, consisting of two dresses, under-clothing, hoop-skirt, stockings, hat, veil, clock, ring from her finger, (which she said Monaghan took) and chandeliers from the mantel piece; my property taken, consisted of 2 dresses (silk and linen,) black silk sack, cloth basque, set of furs, underclothing, 1/2 dozen handkerchiefs, 3 towels, two table cloths, breast-pin, sleeve buttons- all belonging to me; unfinished under-clothing was also taken; also, 72 vests_24 woolen and 48 linen; 20 of the woolen ones were made, 4 partially; the linen ones were unfinished.

Justice Dailey__You were speaking of having seen Quinn before__state where it was?

Mr. Flynn (Quinn and Kerwin's counsel,) objected to the question. Objection overruled.

WITNESS__I have seen Monaghan often standing at the corner of North 7th and 6th streets; have also seen Quinn standing on the corner; they have said "ahem" as we passed down North 7th street; also, "these are two nice young girls we would like to ring in there" on Thanksgiving evening had company to dinner; they were Robert Ellison and William Wood of New York; they went away about 8 o'clock, when my sister and myself accompanied them to the stoop; we said, "Good night, Bob and Bill'; Monaghan, Quinn, and two others, who were standing near the house, imitated us; I cannot recognize the two with Monaghan and Quinn; they said to our company, "If we catch you over here again, Bob and Billy, we will club you.: They said it loud enough for us to hear only; they said to us, "You had better get in there or we will chuck you in the street and take your fine clothing and furniture from you," they said they would come in on the week following and strip us of everything we had; we told them that they laid a finger upon us, we would have them arrested; they then said, "I guess the police will have a poor show here." They all spoke; they were very close together and stood in front of our stoop; the men also abused the woman living below us. (Witness is shown and identifies the vests, trimming and other property, recovered on Monday evening, by the Forty-fifth Precinct Police.) I recognize them as the property taken from my house.

Cross-examination was suspended for the present, whereupon Justice Dailey called Sergeant Bunco to the stand, thus:

"Sergeant Bunce, come here at once!"

The Sergeant's Testimony

Sergeant George Bunce, sworn__I reside at No. 271 South first street and am attached to the 45th precinct; I found the property in question in the cellar of a house in North 8th street, south side, between 6th and 7th; I saw Miss Monaghan there; she did not tell me that her brother (the prisoner) lived there; I found the goods in the front cellar in a small apartment near the foundation walls. I found them at 5 1/2 o'clock last evening; I went with officer Walsh into the cellar from the inside of the house; there was a dark dress over the goods, so that one could hardly see them; these articles were all in one place.

At this stage of the proceedings, the hearing was adjourned until Thursday morning, at 9 o'clock.

Messrs. Olmstead and Newton appeared for the prosecution; Mr. Chas. M. Briggs for Monaghan, and Mr. Jno. M. Flynn (assigned by the court) for Quinn and Kerwin.

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