List Of Congregations Brooklyn, Queen's and Richmond Part III



Crowning Glory of Israel (Atereth Tiphereth Israel), 481 Ashford St. Orthodox. Org. 1909.

Erste Stepiner Cong., 391 Watkins St. Orthodox. Org. 1897.

Esrath Israel, 582 Gates Ave., B'klyn. Orthodox. Org. 1912.

Jewish Communal Centre of Flatbush, 1343 Coney island Ave. English Sermon, Org. 1917.

Kamin Kasherak U.V. Anshei S'phard, 33 Moore St. Orthodox. Org. 1914.

Kiever and Homler Cong. Aid Soe., 361 Bristol St. Orthodox. Org. 1917.

K'nesseth Israel B'nai Abraham, 315 Hooper St. Orthodox. Org. 1915.

Linath Hazedek K.U.V., 98 Rockaway Rd. Orthodox. Org. 1910.

Maehzikei Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth, 217 Corona Ave., L.I. Orthodox. Org. 1916.

Mapleton Park Hebrew Institute, 2024 66th St. Orthodox. Org. 1914.

Nachiath Jacob Z'vi, 50 Moore St. Orthodox. Org. 1917.

North Side Heb. Cong., 45th St., near Jackson Ave., Corona, L.I. Conservative. English Sermon. Org. 1914.

Oheb Sholom, 135 Thatford Ave. Orthodox. Org. 1890.

Oheb Sholom Anshei S'phard Galicia, 159 Leonard St. Orthodox. Org. 1892.

Pereyaslaver Cong., 247 Snediker Ave. Orthodox. Org. 1912.

Sha'arel Torah, 2252 Bedford Ave. Orthodox. Org. 1907.

Sha'arei T'phillah, 51 Watkins St. Orthodox. Org. 1897.

Sha'arei T'phillah of Flushing, 53 Washington St. Orthodox. Org. 1903.Org. 1909.

Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratshos Poland, 12 Moore St., Orthodox. Org. 1892.

South B'klyn B'nai Israel B.A., 153 17th St. Orthodox. Org. 1912.

Temple Ahavath Achim, 712 Quincy St. Conservative. English Sermon. Org. 1869.

Temple Ahavath Sholom of Flatbush, Ave. R. and E.14th St. Conservative, English Sermon. Org. 1912.

Temple Beth-El, 110 Noble St., Conservative. English Sermon. Org. 1887.

Temple Beth Emeth of Flatbush, Church Ave. and Marlborough Rd. Reformed. English Sermon. Org. 1911.

Temple B'nai Israel, 4th Ave. and 54th St. Conservative. English Sermon. Org. 1907

Temple Emanuel of Borough Park, 49th St. and 14th Ave. Conservative. English SErmon. Org. 1904.

Temple Emanuel of Staten Island, Haberton and Post Ave., S.I. Orthodox. Organized 1907.

Temple Israel, Bedford and Lafayette Aves., B'klyn. Reformed. Org. 1871.

Temple Israel, Roanoke Ave. and State St., Far Rockaway. Reformed. English Sermon. Org.

Temple Petach Tikwah, Rochester Ave and Lincoln Pl. Conservative, English sermon. Org.1914.

Tiphereth Israel Cong., 48 Cook St. Orthodox. Org. 1899.

Tiphereth Israel Anshei Brownsville, 93 Rockaway Ave. Orthodox. Org. 1916.

T.T. Mishkan Israel of Jamaica, 27 Bendman Ave., Jamaica, L.I. Orthodox. Org. 1914.

Zemach Zedek, 125 Moore St. Orthodox. Org. 1887.

Zembiner Cong., 392 Watkins St. Orthodox. Org. 1908.

Zitomirer Chevrah (522 Blake Ave.) Orthodox. Org. 1914.

Ziphrah Zered Cong., 13 Cook St. B'klyn. Orthodox. Org. 1913.

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Article Name: List Of Congregations Brooklyn, Queen's and Richmond Part III
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918; Edited and published by Kehillah (Jewish Community of NYC) 1918; Lipshitz Press, 80 Lafayette Street, N.Y., N.Y.
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