The Churches of New York City 1869 Part I



Abyssinian [colored), No. 166 Waverley place. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Amity, West Fifty-fourth street, near Eighth avenue. Sabbath services, morning and afternoon.

Antioch, No. 264 Bleeeker street. Sabbath services, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Berean, No. 35 Downing street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Bethlehem, No. 453 West Forty-fifth street. Sabbath services.

Calvary, No. 50 West Twenty-third street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Cannon Street, Madison street, corner of Gouverneur street. Sabbath services.

Central, No. 220 West Forty-second street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Ebenezer, No. 154 West Thirty-sixth street.

Fifth Avenue, West Forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue. Sabbath services,
morning and afternoon.

Fifth Avenue, Fifth avenue, near One Hundred and Twenty-sixth street.

First, Park avenue, corner of East Thirty-ninth street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

First German, East Fourteenth street, near First avenue.

First Swedish.

First Mariners,' Oliver street, corner of Henry street.

Freewill Baptist, No. 104 West Seventeenth street

Laight Street, Laight street, corner of Varick street.

Macdougal Street, No. 24 Macdougal street.

Madison Avenue, Madison avenue, corner of East Thirty-first street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Murray Hill, Lexington avenue, corner of East Thirty-seventh street.

North, No. 120 Christopher street.

Pilgrim, West Thirty-third street, near Eighth avenue.

Sixth Street, No. 644 Sixth street.

Sixteenth Street, No. 257 West Sixteenth street, near Eighth avenue. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

South, No. 235 West Twenty-fifth street, near Eighth avenue. Sabbath services.

Stanton Street, No. 36 Stanton street. Sabbath services.

Tabernacle, No. 162 Second avenue. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Trinity (temporarily, Third avenue, corner of East Fifty-second street). Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Welsh, No. 141 Chrystie street.

West Fifty-third Street, West Fifty-third street, near Seventh avenue. Sabbath
services, morning and evening.

Yorkville, East Eighty-third street, near Second avenue.

First Church Mission, No. 359 Broome street.

Tabernacle Church Mission, No 189 East Twentieth street.

Tabernacle Church Mission, East Ninth street, corner of First avenue.

Sixteenth Church Mission.

Madison Avenue Mission.

Baptist Mission, No. 96 Sixth avenue.

German Mission, No. 312 West Thirty-ninth street.

German Mission, Sixth avenue, corner of Thirty-ninth street.

German Salem, No. 435 East Houston street.

Baptist Mission, Broadway and Eighty-fourth street.

Baptist Mission, No. 501 Third avenue.

Second, Harlem, One Hundred and Eleventh street, between Third and
Fourth avenues.


Bethesda (colored), No. 681 Sixth avenue.
Pilgrim, No. 365 West Forty-eighth street

New England, West Forty-first street. Sabbath sen-ices, morning and evening.
Tabernacle, Sixth avenue, corner of West Thirty-fourth street. Sabbath services, morning and evening.

Harlem, Second avenue, corner of One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street.

Tabernacle Mission, No. 365 West Forty-eighth street.

Welsh, No. 2C6 East Eleventh street.


Meeting-house, East Fifteenth street, corner of Rutherford place.

Meeting house, East Twentieth street, near Third avenue.

Meeting-house, No. 43 West Twenty-seventh street, near Sixth avenue.

Mission, East Thirty-eighth street, near Second avenue.

Mission, West Thirtieth street, near Sixth avenue.


Adaareth El, No. 135 East Twenty-ninth street.

Adas Jeshurun, No. 135 West Thirty-ninth street, near Seventh avenue.

Ahavath Chesed, Avenue C, corner of East Fourth street.

Anshi Emeth, East Houston street, corner of Ridge street.

Anshi Bikur Cholim, No. 114 Columbia street.

Anshi Chesed, No. 146 Norfolk street.

Beth Cliolim, No. 138 West Twenty-eighth street.

Beth El, No. 248 West Thirty-third street.

Beth Hamidrash, No. 78 Allen street.

Beth Hamidrash, Second, No. 157 Chatham street.

Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, No. 56 Chrystie street.

Bikur Cholim U Kadischa, No. 63 Chrystie street.

B'nai Israel, No. 41 Stanton street.

B'nai Jeshurun, No. 145 West Thirty fourth street.

B'nai Sholom, No. 127 1/2 Columbia street.

Darech Amuno, No. 164 Greene street.

Mischkan Israel, No. 112 East Twelfth street.

Poel Zedeck, West Twenty-ninth street, corner of Eighth avenue.

Rodeph Scholem, No. 8 Clinton street.

Shaari Berocho, No. 306 Sixth street.

Shaari Rachmim, No. 156 Attorney street.

Shaari Tephila.No. 1306 Broadway.

Shaari Zedeck, No. 38 Henry street.

Shaaer Hashamoim, No. 91 Rivington street.

Shearith Israel, West Nineteenth street, near Fifth avenue.

Emmanuel, Forty-third street, corner of Fifth avenue.

Synagogue, East Fifty-second street, corner of Second avenue.

Synagogue, East Fifty-fourth street, near Third avenue.

Synagogue, West Forty-fourth street, near Sixth avenue.


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Article Name: The Churches of New York City 1869 Part I
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 BIBLIOGRAPHY: From My Collection of Books: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York; Joseph Shannon 1869
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