The Churches of New York City 1869 Part II



Lutheran, Avenue B, corner of Ninth street.

St. James', No. 216 East Fifteenth street.

St. John's, No. 81 Christopher street.

St. Luke's, No. 318 West Forty third street.

St. Marcus', No. 323 Sixth street.

St. Matthew's, No. 354 Broome street, corner of Elizabeth street.

St. Paul's, No. 226 Sixth avenue.

St. Peter's, No. 145 East Fiftieth street.

Holy Trinity, No. 47 West Twenty-first street, near Sixth avenue.

Yorkville, East Eighty-seventh street.

Evangelical Lutheran, West One Hundred and Twenty-third street, near Seventh avenue.

Swedish, No. 52 Market street.

Swedish, East Twenty second street, near Third avenue.

Lutheran, East One Hundred and Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue.


Sabbath services in all the Methodist churches, morning and evening.

Alanson, No. 52 Norfolk street.

Allen Street, No. 126 Allen street.

Bedford Street, No. 28 Morton street.

Beekman Hill, East Fiftieth street, near Second avenue.

Bethel Ship, foot of Carlisle street.

Central, No. 44 Seventh avenue.

Duane, No. 294 Hudson street.

Eighteenth Street, No. 307 West Eighteenth street.

Lexington Avenue, Lexington avenue, corner of Fifty-second street.

Fifty-third Street, No. 231 West Fifty-third street.

Forsyth Street, No. 10 Forsyth street.

Forty-third Street, No. 253 West Forty-third street.

German, No. 252 Second street.

German Mission, No. 346 West Fortieth street.

Greene Street, No. 59 Greene street.

Harlem, One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street, near Third avenue.

Hedding, No. 337 East Seventeenth street.

Jann Street, No. 13 Jane street.

Janes Mission, No. 461 West Forty-fourth street.

John Street, No. 44 John street.

Ladies' Five Points' Misssion, No. 61 Park street.

Rose Hill, No. 223 East Twenty-seventh street.

St. Paul's, Fourth avenue, corner of Twenty-second street.

Second Avenue, Second avenue, corner of One Hundred and Nineteenth street.

Second Street, No. 276 Second street.

Seventh Street, No. 24 Seventh street.

Thirtieth Street, No. 331 West Thirtieth street.

Thirty seventh Street, No. 223 East Thirty-seventh street.

Trinity, No. 248 West Thirty-fourth street.

Twenty-fourth Street, No. 359 West Twenty-fourth street.

Washington Square, No. 137 West Fourth street.

Washington Heights, Washington Heights.

West Harlem, One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue.

Willett Street, No. 7 Willett street.

Yorkville, East Eighty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue.

Mission, West Thirty-fifth street, near Tenth avenue.

Mission, No. 121 Broome street.

Mission, No. 122 Perry street, near Greenwich street.

Mission, No. 319 Rivington street.

Mission, No. 283 Avenue B.

Mission, Third avenue, corner of Seventieth street.

Mission, Broadway, corner of Sixty ninth street.

Mission, Sixty-first street, near Third avenue.

Mission, No. 392 Broome street.

Mission, No. 186 Franklin street.

Mission, No. 545 East Eleventh street, near Avenue B.

Mission, No. 57 West Forty-fourth street.

Mission, Second avenue, near Seventy-seventh street.

Central Church Mission, Seventh avenue, corner of Twenty-second street.

St. Paul's Mission, Seventh avenue, corner of Twenty-sixth street.

German Mission, Pearl street, corner of Madison street.

Second Street Mission, Avenue B, corner of Third street.

Seventh Street Mission.


African Union, No. 161 West Fifteenth street.

Bethel, No. 214 Sullivan street.

Zion, No. 331 Bleecker street.

Little Zion, East One Hundred and Seventeenth street, near Fourth avenue.


Wesleyan Methodist, No. 363 West Forty-eighth street.


First, No. 87 Attorney street.


Free Methodist, No. 161 Eighth avenue, corner of Eighteenth street.


Moravian Church, Home Chapel, No. 29 East Twenty-ninth street.

Moravian Mission, Fourth street, corner of Avenue C.


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Article Name: The Churches of New York City 1869 Part II
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 BIBLIOGRAPHY: From My Collection of Books: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York; Joseph Shannon 1869
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