Cemeteries in New York City 1876

Calvary. Office, 266 Mulberry street. The grounds are in Newtown, L. I., about two miles from East Tenth Street Ferry. M. Rowan, Superintendent.

City. On Hart's Island. Office, 66 Third avenue, corner East Eleventh street. L. C. Dunphy, Superintendent.

Cypress. Office, 124 Bowery. The grounds are situated on the northerly side of the Jamaica Turnpike, about five miles from Williamsburg ferries. N. G. Palmer, Superintendent.

Evergreen. Office, 163 Bowery. Located three miles east of Brooklyn.

Greenwood. Office, 30 Broadway. The grounds are situated in Brooklyn, on Gowanus Heights, about two and a half miles from Hamilton Avenue Ferry. The Cemetery, opened in September, 1840, now contains about 450 acres; interments to January, 1875, 172,890. Henry E. Pierrepont, President. J. A. Perry, Secretary and Comptroller.

Lutheran. Office, 293 Broadway. Grounds on the Jamaica turnpike road, near Middle Village, L. I. , four miles from the Williamburg ferries.

Marble. Office, 65 Second street. Grounds in Second street, between First and Second avenues. James H. Hull, Keeper.

Machpelah. Office, 160 West Twenty-fourth street. The grounds are located at New Durham, Hudson Co., N. J., about one mile from Weehawken Ferry. Robert McClintock, President. Walter T. Miller, Secretary.

Mount Pleasant. Located on Buffalo avenue, Brooklyn, four miles from Fulton Ferry. Robert Williams, President.

New York Bay. Office, 5 Dey street. The grounds are on the Bergen Point plank road, two and a half miles from Jersey City Ferry. T. H. Buckmaster, Secretary.

Trinity Church. Office, 187 Fulton street. The grounds are between West
153d and West 155th streets, between Tenth avenue and the North River.
James Amin, Keeper.

Union. _ Office, 192 Rivington street. The grounds are located near Wyckoff avenue, Brooklyn, three and a half miles from the Williamsburg ferries. Joshua Brown, President. J.S. Cronk, Secretary.

Woodlawn._ Office, 48 East Twenty-third street. The grounds, 380 acres, are in the Twenty-fourth Ward of the City of New York, near the Westchester Co. Line, six miles from Harlem Bridge, on the line of the Harlem Railroad, The Southwest entrance, for carriages, on Central avenue.

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Article Name: Cemeteries in New York City 1876
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: New York As It Was and As It Is; Giving An Account of the City From Its Settlement to the Present Time: Compiled by John Disturnell, published by D. Van Nostrand-New York 1876.
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