An Officer's Brutality: Results in His Suspension From The Force 1894


Police Captain Eason, of the Fourth precinct, yesterday afternoon suspended Patrolman Patrick Clark of his command for having brutally beaten Annie Clark, his wife, who is 24 years old. Late last night Commissioner Welles called at the DeKalb avenue station and complimented the captain for the prompt course he had taken in the case.

"It makes me sick," said the commissioner. "To think that one of my men should be such a brute as this man Clark seems to be."

The commissioner had seen Mrs. Clark earlier in the day. She presented a pitiable spectacle when she called at the police commissioner's office to complain against her husband. She explained that she had been married to Clark seven years and said that her wedded life hade been miserable from the outset. She left him several times but before Thanksgiving day she returned to him and the couple began housekeeping at 90 Navy street. Since Thanksgiving day she had never been without a black eye and her husband's cruelty had become unbearable. On Friday morning he returned home from duty at 8 o'clock and gave her a beating. Then he went back to the station. It was his "long day" in police parlance and he worked until 6. He next visited his house at 6 o'clock on Friday night. The supper did not suit him and he grabbed her by the neck and beat her on the head with the butt of his revolver. Then he procured his club and beat her on the breast with it. She finally escaped from him bleeding from several scalp wounds and neighbors dressed her injuries. She did not return until Patrick went back to the station. Early yesterday morning she left the house determined to make the complaint against him.

Commissioner Welles sent for Captain Eason and told him to take the woman under his protection. The captain endeavored to find a magistrate who would take her complaint against Clark, but the justices were all away enjoying their Saturday afternoon holiday. Then he took her into the Adams street station and sent for an ambulance surgeon. Dr. Hamlin examined Mrs. Clark and found that not only her head was cut and bruised, but her breast and neck were discolored from the beating she had received. Clark was summoned and asked if he had any excuse to make for having beaten his wife.

"Well," said the officer  "she did not have my supper ready."

Captain Eason took away his shield, suspended him from duty and will make charges against him. It is probable that a warrant will be issued for the officer's arrest. Clark has been just one year on the force today.

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Article Name: An Officer's Brutality: Results in His Suspension From The Force 1894
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle December 12, 1894
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