Brooklyn's Jewish Businessmen: Pre: 1925  Goldenberg-Goldstein



Charles Goldenberg, of 3rd Avenue and 49th Street, is a merchant who declined to see opportunities around him go to waste even if he had to take time off his own furniture business and enter the real estate field. He entered the field but four years ago, and he has utterly no regret about it. None at all. In fact, he has done more in those four years, than many do in a lifetime, and he profited accordingly.

Goldenberg has been in this lapse of time interested in the development of both store property and residential property. He developed many a section in Bay Ridge, and the record of his work places him easily among the boro's builders.

Goldenberg, like so many of the builders, hales from Russia, where he was born in 1881, in June. he came here at seventeen, worked during the day and attended school in the evening. Then shortly after his arrival he founded the furniture store, which presently enabled him to take a financial interest in real estate. Personally, Goldenberg is a modest and very agreeable man, with whom one enjoys chatting.

Goldenberg is a member of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities, the Israel-Zion Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce, the 12:30 Club, and the Ninth A.D. Republican Club.

His diversions consist in tennis and music. He is married and lives at 653 79th Street.


David Goldstein is a builder of long standing, high repute, and of considerable achievement in all forms of construction. Being the type of a man who does a great deal without saying anything about it, and who is a deep thinker without showing it, Goldstein has occupied an eminent position in the building circles in Brooklyn for many years though he kept himself in the background.

Goldstein was born in Rakov, Russia, in 1876. He came to the U.S.A. when he was a youth of eighteen. Part of his education he received in Russia, that is the major part for he had to start to work at once when he came here. A carpenter by trade, he naturally drifted into the building line, and a few years after his arrival, he began building for himself. He has been building in Brooklyn for the past twenty-four years.

One of his achievements is the construction of a magnificent six-story elevator apartment on St. Marks and New York Avenues, at a cost exceeding $1,000,000. This apartment house remains a landmark in that section. He is a pioneer in the erection of a number of dwellings, fifteen years ago, in President street, between Schenectady and Troy Avenues. Then he has built houses in Brownsville, business structures in upper Fulton Street, garages on Fourth Avenue, between Fourth and Fifth Streets. The whole block on Ridge Boulevard (78th, 79th St. and Colonia Rd.) was developed by him into 51 one-family residences, which form one of the most beautiful spots in the boro.

Goldstein, personally, presents the embodiment of the high-type businessman, intent on making money, it is true, but not unless it is made in accordance with the highest possible principles of ethics in business. Despite the many instances in his career when he might have swerved from the road of strict integrity and thus have enriched himself he firmly preferred to maintain the confidence of his clients and patrons at all costs, with the result that he is perhaps less rich but surely more content.

Goldstein is a member of the Federation of Jewish Charities, B'rith Abraham, the Harry Wolkoff Assn., Masons and Elks.

His recreations consist in boating, motoring, the theater and music. He is married, is father of two children, and lives at 1666 President Street.


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Article Name: Brooklyn's Jewish Businessmen: Pre: 1925 Goldenberg-Goldstein
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: Building up Greater Brooklyn: with sketches of men instrumental in Brooklyn's amazing development, Brooklyn, N.Y. by Leon Wexelstein; Brooklyn Biographical Society 1925.
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