Brooklyn's Jewish Businessmen: Pre: 1925 Belinky-Berg

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Max Belinky, of 269 Marlborough Road, is a builder of long standing and wide experience. He started his career in Wllliamsburgh 25 years ago by the construction of both tenement houses and business property. But of late, that is in the course of the last seven or eight years he has been building in Flatbush, where he himself resides.

Belinky has built there two apartment houses, on East 21st Street and Regent Place, consisting of 72 apartments, and one on Beverly Road and East 18th Street. He is now planning the erection of a spacious apartment, 6-story elevator, on Ocean Avenue and G.

Belinky was born in Russia, on January 10, 1874. He came to the United States as a youth of nineteen, after he had received a Hebrew and elementary education across the sea. Here he struggled for a number of years, until he had found himself and entered the realty field, in which he has been for the past 25 years.

He is of the opinion that the outlook for the future development of Brooklyn, both as a residential city and a city of business is decidedly good, and, in fact, getting better with the expansion of transit facilities and that the boro is confronted with a likelihood of ever-rising prices on real estate because of the scarcity of land.

Belinky is a thoughtful, considerate, very engaging and philanthropic man, who has carved out for himself an enviable position both in the business circles as well as the communal circles of the boro. He devotes a great deal of his time to charities.

He is a member of the Federation of Jewish Charities, Temple Shaari Torah, the Order B'rith Abraham, the Knights of Pythias and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. He is married, and lives with his family at 269 Marlborough Road.

BERG, Simon

Simon Berg, attorney, of 32 Court Street, yields to no one in his enthusiasm for the outlook for Brooklyn's growth. And he conjures up this outlook not on the basis of abstract reasoning, but on the basis of manifold and extensive contact with the realty development which he obtained as attorney for his clients interested in property throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

He sees Brooklyn speedily evolving into a self-sufficient city of business and of homes, an outstanding city in fact, and shaking off the obsolete concept that it is merely a suburb to Manhattan, which formerly it may have been. He discerns, further, a rapidly growing tendency not merely to live in Brooklyn, but also to do business here, or to engage in professional activity. And he places the brunt of the credit for the development of this boro upon the extension of transportation facilities.

Simon Berg was born Jan. 6, 1872, in Russia. he came here at the age of sixteen took up some regents work, after years of relentless effort to earn a livelihood, and finally entered the New York University law School, from which he graduated. he was admitted to the bar in 1909, and has been practicing in Brooklyn since.

Unaffected and composed, Berg is playing his important part in the realty development of Brooklyn with a display of farsightedness, judgment and ability that would make him a figure much more conspicuous if it were not for his innate modesty. But he is content in carrying out his role to a finish, even if it does not evoke the universal plaudits of the world.

Berg is a member of the Brooklyn Bar Association; Chamber of Commerce and Eastern Parkway Jewish center.

His diversions consist in traveling, the theatre, music and reading. he speaks several languages.

He was married in 1894, and with his wife and children lives at 595 Greene Avenue.


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Article Name: Brooklyn's Jewish Businessmen: Pre: 1925 Belinky-Berg
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Building up Greater Brooklyn: with sketches of men instrumental in Brooklyn's amazing development, Brooklyn, N.Y. by Leon Wexelstein; Brooklyn Biographical Society 1925.
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