Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Mosinter-Norden


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Mosinter, E. M.

Rabbi of Congregation Chased Schel Emeth, Springfield, Ohio. Born in Russia in 1865. Son of Ralph Mosinter.
Educated in Kovno. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi M. Ziew, and Rabbi L. S. Schapiere. Was Rabbi at Poca- hontas, Va., and Marietta, Ohio. Address: 137 East Main, Springfield, Ohio.

Mowsonitz, Abraham H.

Minister of Congregation Choi Odom, Burlington, Vt. Born and educated in Russia. Diploma conferred by Rabbi Jacob Joseph, New York. Address: 327 North Winooski Av., Burlington, Vt.

Mueller, Ignatius.

Rabbi of Congregation B'rith Shalom, Louisville, Ky. Born June 10, 1857, at Eperies, Hungary. Son of Marcus Mueller. Educated at Roman Catholic Gymnasium, Kecskemet, Hungary; Berlin University (Ph. D.); and Hoch- schule fur die Wissenschaft des Judenthums, Berlin. Rabbinical diploma received from the Faculty of the Hebrew Union College. Was Rabbi at Kalamazoo, Mich., and Des Moines, Iowa; teacher of religion at the Reaigymnasium, Leipzig; teacher at the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio; Professor of German and Hebrew at the Kalamazoo College, and Professor of German at Highland Park Normal College. Publications: "Das Leben und Wirken des Dr. Isaac M. Wise; " "The Gymnasium, an Educational Institution of Germany and Austria-Hungary; " and " Communism, an Essay." Address: 1131 Floyd, Louisville, Ky.

Myers, Isidore.

Rabbi (since 1897) of Congregation Ohaliai Shalome, San Francisco, Cal. Born February 15, 1856, at Su- valki, Poland. Son of Morris Myers. Educated at Suvalki and Kalwarya, Poland; Melbourne (Australia) Hebrew School; Scotch College; and Melbourne University (B. A). Rabbi at Bendigo, Australia, 1880-1885; of East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, 1885-1890; and of Shaar Hashamayim Congregation, Montreal, Canada, 1896-1897. Taught University subjects in schools at Melbourne. Organized public meetings in Victoria in 1886, and raised $5000 in aid of Russian Jews. Visited Palestine in 1890, and in three months rescued sixty Jewish souls from the missionaries. Delivered two hundred public lectures, 1890- 1895, on the Talmud and on Zionism in sixty cities in Great Britain; lectured in New York City, 1895-1896. Publication: "Gems from the Talmud." Address: 1836 Sutter, San Francisco, Cal.


Nelson, Leon M.

Rabbi (since 1898) of Temple Israel, Brooklyn, N. Y, Born January 22, 1876, at Richmond, Va. Son of N.W. Nelson and Regina Stern. Educated at public schools of Richmond, Va.; high school, Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); Columbia University; and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, Valedictorian). Address: 308 McDonough, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Newfield, Morris.

Rabbi of Congregation Emanu-El, Birmingham, Ala. Born January 31, 1869, at Homonna, Hungary. Son of Sabbatai Newfleld. Educated at Royal Gymnasium (graduate) ; University and Rabbinical Seminary, Budapest; University of Cincinnati (B. A); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi). Studied medicine at University of Budapest. Was instructor at Hebrew Union College. Received 33rd degree of Freemasonry (1903). Publication: "Studies in Ecclesiastes." Address: 715 North 18th, Birmingham, Ala.

Newman, Julius.

Born December 16, 1851, in Hungary. Son of Joseph Newman. Educated at Budapest, Eisenstadt, and Press- burg, in Hungary. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Schrei- ber (Sofer), Pressburg, and Dr. I. Hildesheimer, Eisenstadt. Was Rabbi of Congregation Etnanuel, for five years; of Congregation New Light, for two years; and of the Hungarian Congregation, for six years; all in Chicago, 11l. Served in the Austrian army, 1871-1873; as postmaster in Hungary, for two years; as correspondent for a Vienna newspaper, for three years. Address: 508 44th Place, Chicago, 11l.

Newman, Morris.

Cantor of First Hungarian Congregation Agudath Achim, Chicago, 11l. Born May 25, 1870, in Hungary. Son of Mayer Newman. Educated at Topolcsany and Szatmar, Hungary. Held positions in McKeesport and Scranton, Pa. Address: 412 West 14th, Chicago, 11l.

Newmark, Hyman.

Cantor (since 1880) of Temple Israel of Harlem, New York City. Born October, 1857, at Warsaw, Poland. Son of Moses Newmark. Educated at Warsaw, and Breslau, Germany. Diplomas conferred by Obercantor Professor F. Weiss- hoff, Warsaw, and Obercantor Deutsch, Breslau. Held positions in Reichthal, Upper Silesia, for one year, and Rondout, N. Y., for two years. Address: 240 West 121st, New York City.

Nieto, Jacob.

Rabbi of Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco, Cal. Born December 22, 1863, at London, Eng. Son of Abraham Haim Nieto. Educated at Jews' College, London, Eng. (graduate); College of the City of New York; by Emanu-El Theological Seminary Association; and at Collegiate School, Kingston, Jamaica. Was Minister of Sheffield (Eng.) Hebrew Congregation; and teacher at Jews' Hospital and Orphan Asylum, London, Eng. Editor of the New Occident. Publication: "The Romance of Poverty" (collection of Jewish character sketches). Address: 1719 Bush, San Francisco, Cal.

Noot, Isaac C.

Minister (since 1873) of Congregation B'nal Israel, New York City. Born in 1840, at Amsterdam, Holland. Son of Simon Noot. Educated in New York City. Was Assistant Minister of Congregation B'nai Israel, Philadelphia, Pa.: of Congregation Ohabei Shalom, Boston, Mass.; Minister of Congregation Darech Amuna, New York City; and instructor in the Hebrew Education Society, Philadelphia, Pa. Has been connected with Hebrew Free School Association as principal and instructor for thirty-eight years. Address: 111 East 88th, New York City.

Norden, Aaron.

Rabbi Emeritus of North Chicago Hebrew Congregation. Born June 8. 1844, at Lissa. Posen, Prussia. Son of Saul Norden. Educated at Lissa and Berlin. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi E. Gutmacher, Graetz, Prussia. Rabbinical positions held in Baltimore, Md.: Natchez. Miss.; and Chicago, 1ll. Address: 4639 Vincennes Av., Chicago, 1ll.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903  Mosinter-Norden
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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