Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Mendelsohn-Moses


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Mendelsohn, G.

Minister of Congregation Rodof Sholom, Homestead, Pa. Born December 25, 1867, at Bausk, Courland, Russia. Son of Mendel Mendelsohn and Hannah Gdaliewitz. Educated at Viina and Kovno, Russia. Diplomas conferred by Rabbis of these two towns. Held positions in Sakinova, Russia; Uniontown, Greensburg, and Punxutawney, Pa. Address: 538 Ammon, Homestead, Pa.

Mendelsohn, Samuel.

Rabbi (since 1876) of Temple of Israel, Wilmington, N. C. Born March 31, 1850, in Russia. Son of Feiwel Mendelsohn. Educated at Viina, Russia; Berlin, Germany; and Philadelphia, Pa. Rabbinical diploma conferred by the Faculty of Maimonides College, Philadelphia, Pa. LL..D., University of North Carolina. Rabbi of Congregation Beth-El, Norfolk, Va., 1873-1S76. Publication: "The Criminal Jurisprudence of the Ancient Hebrews." Address: Wilmington, N. C.

Mendes, Frederick de Sola.

Rabbi (since 1874) of Congregation Shaaray Tefilla, New York City. Born July 8, 1850, in Jamaica, W. I. Son of Rabbi Abraham Pereira Mendes and Eliza de Sola. Educated at London, Eng., and Breslau, Germany. B. A., 1869, University of London; Ph. D., 1871, University of Jena; Rabbi, 1873, Haham Benjamin Artom, London. Publications: " Child's First Bible; " " Outlines of Bible History; " " Defense, not Defiance" (anti-missionary). Address: 154 West 82d, New York City.

Mendes, H. Pereira

Minister (since 1877) of K. K. Shearith Israel, New York City. Son of Rabbi Abraham Pereira Mendes and Eliza de Sola. President Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of the United States and Canada; President New York Board of Jewish Ministers; Honorary Vice-President Federation of American Zionists. Address: 99 Central Park, West, New York City.

Mendes, Isaac P.

Rabbi Emeritus (since 1903) of Congregation Mickva Israel, Savannah, Ga. Born January 13, 1853, at Kingston, Jamaica, W. I. Son of Joseph Mendes. Educated privately and at Northwick College, London, Eng. M. A and D. D., University of Georgia. Rabbi in Richmond, Va., 1873-1877; in Savannah, Ga. (Mickva Israel Congregation), 1877-1903. Publications: " Pure Words," a collection of special prayers; and " First Lessons in Hebrew." Address: 210 Gwinnett, W., Savannah, Ga.

Messing, Aaron J.

Rabbi (since 1885) of Congregation B'nai Sholom, Chicago, 11l. Born June 18, 1840, at Argenau, near Bromberg, Germany. Son of Rabbi Joseph Messing (author of a number of Hebrew books). Educated at Breslau and Graetz, Prussia, and Rostock, Mecklenburg. Rabbinical diplomas granted by Rabbis E. Gutmacher, M. Feiichenfeld, and N. Caro. Ph. D., University of Rostock. Rabbi in Militsch, Silesia; Mecklenburg- Schwerin; New York City (1866); and San Francisco (1867- 1885). Publications: " S'fath Eiver" (Hebrew Primer), and " Torath Emeth" (Catechism). Address: 4337 Vincennes Av., Chicago, Ill.

Messing', Abraham. Joseph.

Rabbi (since 1897) of Temple Beth-Or, Montgomery, Ala. Born August 4, 1873, at Chicago, 11l. Son of Rabbi Aaron J. Messing. B. H. L. and Rabbi, Hebrew Union College; B. A., University of Cincinnati. Rabbi of Temple Anshai Emeth, Peoria, 11l., 1896-1897. New synagogues built at Peoria and at Montgomery during his incumbency. Address: 28 Clayton, Montgomery, Ala.

Messing, Henry J.

Rabbi (since 1878) of United Hebrew Congregation, St. Louis, Mo. Born March 10, 1848, at Gostyn, Posen, Prussia. Son of Rabbi Joseph Messing. Educated in Germany. Rabbinical diploma awarded by Rabbi Gedalya Tik- tin, Breslau, Germany. Rabbi at Dubuque, Iowa, 1869; Williamsport, Pa., 1870-1877; and Peoria, Ill., 1877-1878. Founder of Hebrew Free and Industrial School Society, St. Louis, 1880. Address: 4439 Delmar Boul., St. Louis, Mo.

Messing, Mayer.

Rabbi (since 1867) of the Indianapolis (Ind.) Hebrew Congregation. Born December 10, 1843, at Geniv- kowo, Prussia. Son of Rabbi Joseph Messing. Educated at Graetz, Prussia. Rabbinical diplomas received from Rabbi E. Gut- macher; Dr. Poper, Charnikow; and Dr. Cohen, Schwerin. Was Rabbi in Neubuckow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and Asken on the Elbe, Germany. Address: 523 North Delaware, Indianapolis, Ind.

Meyer, Heyman.

Cantor of the People's Synagogue at the Educational Alliance; New York City. Born July, 1863, at Ku- char, near Plotzk, Poland. Son of Judah Meyer. Educated at Warsaw, Poland, and London, Eng. Held positions in London, Eng., and Buffalo, N. Y. Address: 254 Henry, New York City.

Meyer, Julius Henry.

Rabbi (since 1900) of Congregation Emanu-El, Milwaukee, Wis. Born July 18, 1874, at Thibodeaux, La. Son of Lehman Meyer and Henrietta Levy. Educated at public schools of New Orleans, La., and St. Louis, Mo.; high school, Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Cincinnati (B. A.l; and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Rabbi at Toledo, Ohio, 1897-1900. Married Mabel Bloch, Toledo, June 26, 1900. Address: 276 Lyon, Milwaukee, Wis.

Meyer, Martin A.

 Rabbi (since 1902) of Congregation Beth Emeth, Albany, N. Y. Born January 15, 1879, at San Francisco, Cal. Son of Charies Meyer and Louisa Silberstein. Educated at public schools, San Francisco; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi). Fellow American School in Palestine, 1901-1902. Officiated as Rabbi at Charleston, W. Va., 1900-1901. Publications: Articles on Jews of Palestine in Jewish Comment, the Reform Advocate, and Emanuel. Address: 149 Lancaster, Albany, N. Y.

Michnik, Nathan.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Wood- ville, Miss. Born September 20, 1863, at Bielitz, Austria. Son of Joseph Michnik. Educated at Vienna and Pressburg. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Simon Schreiber, Cracow, Galicia. Was Rabbi at Springfield, 1ll.; Helena, Mont.; Huntsville, Ala.; Jonesboro, Ark., and Port Gibson, Miss.

Mielziner, Jacob.

Rabbi (since 1900) of Congregation Emanu- El, Helena, Mont. Born September 19, 1877. Son of Rabbi Moses Mielziner and Rosetta Levald. Educated at public schools of Cincinnati; University of Cincinnati (B. A., 1900); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1900). Address: 415 Eighth Av., Helena, Mont.

Miller, Kassel.

Cantor of Congregation Bass Jacob, Lewiston, Me. Born July 4, 1866, at Skidel, Poland. Son of Eyzer Miller. Was Cantor at Pottsville and Philipsburg, Pa.; Steubenville and Bellaire, Ohio; and Evansville, Ind. Address: 155 Pierce, Lewiston, Me.

Moll, Max S.

 Assistant Minister (since 1886) of Congregation Berith Kodesh, Rochester, N. Y. Born August 27, 1846, at Graetz, Prussia. Son of Rabbi Simon Moll. Educated in Germany. Was Rabbi of Congregation Adereth El, New York Cit^r, for four years; B'nai Jeshurun, Paterson, N. J., for two years; Aitz Raanan, Rochester, N. Y., for seven years. Publications: "Condensed German Grammar;" "Companion for Practical Work." Address: 125 University Av., Rochester, N. Y.

Morais, Henry S.

Rabbi of Congregation Adath Yeshurun, Syracuse, N. Y. Son of Dr. Sabato Morals. Was Rabbi of Congregation Jeshuat Israel, Newport, R. I. Address: 719 Almond, Syracuse, N. Y.

Morris, Benjamin.

Cantor of Congregation Beth Miriam, Long Branch, N. J. Born December 17, 1844, in Poland. Son of Abraham Jacob Morris. Educated in Poland, and in Berlin. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Dr. I. Hildesheimer, Berlin. Held a position in London, Eng. Address: 83 Second Av., Long Branch, N. J.

Moses, Alfred G.

Rabbi of Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, Mobile, Ala. Born at Livingston, Ala. Son of Rabbi Adolph Moses and Emma Isaacs. Educated at public schools of Louisville, Ky.; privately by Dr. Abraham Flexner; at University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Represents third generation of Rabbis. Occupies position once held by his father. Address: 407 Conti, Mobile, Ala.

Moses, Isaac S.

Rabbi of Congregation Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim, New York City. Born December 8, 1847, at Santomichel, Posen. Son of Israel Baruch Moses. Educated at Santomichel, Gleiwitz, and Breslau. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Solomon Rosenthal, Jarozin; and Dr. Bernard Felsenthal, Chicago, 11l. Was Rabbi at Quincy, 11l.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Chicago, 11l. Editor of Der Zeitgeist, 1880-1882. Publications: "The Pentateuch;" "The Historical Books of the Bible;" "The Ethics of the Hebrew Scriptures;" "Sabbath School Hymnals; " Prayer Books. Address: 1J8 East 55th, New York City.


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