Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Lasker-Lyons


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Lasker, Hyman Max.

Rabbl of Congregation Sharah Tephi- lah, Troy, N. Y. Born Adar 7, 5626, at Lomzha, Poland. Son of Wolf
Lasker. Educated at Talmudical College at Kovno, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spector, Kovno. Was Rabbi at Bludne, Russia; Portland, Maine; and Buffalo, N. Y. (Congregation B'nai Jacob). Came to America in the "eighties." Address: 7 Division, Troy, N. Y.

Lasker, Raphael.

Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Ohabei Shalom, Boston, Mass. Born February 19, 1838, at Zirke, Prussia. Educated by his father, Rabbi Caro, Pinne; Rabbi Hirsch Schnei- demuhl, Obornick; and Rabbis Moses Feilchenfeld and Mendel, Rogasen, all in Posen; and at the Gymnasium of Gleiwitz and the University of Giessen. Was Rabbi and founder of Congregation Bnai Abraham, Portsmouth, Ohio, 1858; Rabbi of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, New York City, for nine years; of Temple Israel, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1871-1876. Member of the Boston Public School Board for six years. Editor of the New Era Jewish Magazine. Address: 31 Doane, Boston, Mass.

Lefkovits, Maurice.

Rabbi of Congregation Montefiore, Las Vegas, N. M. Born February 15, 1875, at Sator-Alja Ujhely, Hungary. Son of Hyam Lefkovits. Educated at Gymnasium of Press- burg, Hungary, and the Universities of Bern (Ph. D.),.Marburg, and Berlin, and the Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1902). Publications: " Die Staatslehre auf kantischer Grundlage; "- " The Book of Koheleth." Address: P. O. Box 482, Las Vegas, N. M.

Lefkowitz, David.

Rabbi (since 1900) of K. K. B'nai Yeshu- run, Dayton, Ohio. Born April 11, 1875, at Eperies, Hungary. Son of Benjamin Lefkowitz. Educated at public schools of New York City; College of the City of New York (B. S.); University of Cincinnati (B. L.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1900). Address: 18 South Boulevard, Dayton, Ohio.

Leipziger, Emil William.

Rabbi of Temple Israel, Terre Haute, Ind. Born December 18, 1877, at Stockholm, Sweden. Son of Herman Leipziger. University of Cincinnati (B. A.), and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Address: 706 South 5th, Terre Haute, Ind.

Leiser, Joseph.

Rabbi of Temple Emanuel, Rondout, N. Y. Born in 1873, at Canandaigua, N. Y. Son of F. M. Leiser and Hannah Stargradt Educated at Rochester, N. Y., and University of Chicago (B. A.). Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Dr. E. G. Hirsch. Was Rabbi in Sioux City, Iowa, and Lafayette, Ind. Member of Summer Brook Colony, and of Arts and Crafts League. Publications: "Before the Dawn" (poems); "From Generation to Generation" (novel); and short stories published in the American Israelite, Menorah, and Jewish Gazette. Articles in the Reform Advocate. Address: Kingston, N. Y.

Leucht,Isaac L.

Rabbi of Congregation Gates of Mercy of the Dispersed of Judah, New Orleans, La. Son of Nahum Zevi Leucht. Member Executive Committee National Conference of Jewish Charities. Address: 844 Carondelet, New Orleans, La.

Leucht, Joseph.

Rabbi (since 1868) of Temple B'nai Jeshu- run, Newark, N. J. Born March 15, 1840, in Darmstadt, Hessen. Son of Nahum Zevi Leucht. Educated in the Realschule of Darmstadt Rabbinical studies at Zell, near Wiirzburg, Bavaria. Rabbi and Cantor of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, 1859r 1868. Address: 49 James, Newark, N. J.

Levi, Charles S.

Rabbi (since 1898) of Anshai Emeth Congregation, Peoria, 1ll. Born May 20, 1868, at London, Eng. Son of Sampson Levi. Educated in New York City; at grammar and high school, Cincinnati; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1889). Associate Rabbi of Temple B'nai Yeshurun, Cincinnati, 1889-1898; Assistant Professor in Rabbinica at Hebrew Union College, 1889-1898; Secretary Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1889-1898; Treasurer Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1899 to date; compiler and editor of Year Book of the Conference, 1890-1898. Address: National Hotel, Peoria, 1ll.

Levi, Harry.

Rabbi (since 1897) of Congregation Leshem Sha- mayim, Wheeling, W. Va. Born August 7, 1875, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Son of Isaac Levi and Belle Engelstein. Educated at public schools of Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Cincinnati; and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1897). Publications: "A History of Congregation Leshem Shamayim; " "Jewish Characters in English Fiction." Address:  Temple, Wheeling, W. Va.

Levin, J. M.

Rabbi of Congregation Holche Yosher, Wilkes Barre, Pa. Born July 15, 1870, at Konwalishka, Russia. Son of David Levin. Educated in Russia at Volosin, Eiseshok, Oshmene, Smargon, and Luptz. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spector, Kovno; Rabbi Solomon, Viina; and Rabbi Jacob Joseph, New York City. Held positions at Fall River, Mass.; Bayonne, N. J., and Jersey City, N. J. Publication: " Leket Yosher on Yore Deah." Address: 116 South Lincoin, Wilkes Barre, Pa.

Levin, Judah L.

Rabbi of United Orthodox Congregations, Detroit, Mich. Born Nisan 6, 5623, at Trab, Government Vilna, Russia. Son of Nahum P. Levin and Liba Abromovitz. Educated at Volosin and Kovno, Russia. Rabbinical diplomas received from Rabbi
Isaac Elchanan Spector, Kovno, and Rabbi Hirsch Leb Berlin, Volosin. Was Rabbi in Liskeveh, Government Suvalki, Russia;
Rochester, N. Y.; and New Haven, Conn. Address: 151 Division, Detroit, Mich.

Levin, Max.

Cantor of Congregation Talmud Torah, Portland, Ore. Born in Minsk, Russia. Son of Louis Levin. Educated at Minsk and Kovno, Russia. Diploma conferred by I. Minsker. Held positions in New York City; Montreal, Can.; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Address: 602 First, Portland, Ore.

Levinson, Meyer Abraham.

Cantor of Congregation B'nai Israel, New York City. Born January 4, 1870, at Kovno, Russia, and educated there. Son of William Levinson. Address: 427 East 79th, New York City.

Levinthal, Bernhard Louis.

Rabbi of Congregations Bnai Abraham, Poale Zedek, Bnai Reuben, Shaare Zedek, Tifereth Israel, and Orel Chayim, Philadelphia, Pa. Born May 12, 1864, at Kovno, Russia. Son of Rabbi Abraham Levinthal. Educated at Kovno, Vilna, and Bielostok, Russia. Rabbinical diplomas awarded by Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spector, Kovno, and Rabbi Samuel Mohilever. Honorary Vice-President Federation of American Zionists, and Vice-President Union of Orthodox Rabbis of America. Founder of communal institutions in Philadelphia. Contributor to the press. Address: 716 Pine, Philadelphia, Pa.

Levy, Abraham B,.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Abraham, Chicago, 1ll. Born October 24, 1858, in Germany. Son of Leonard Levy and Stella Bach. Educated under Dr. M. Lehmann, at Mayence; at Frankfort on the Main; at the Berlin Lehrer Seminar; and the University of Georgia (B. Ph., 1884). Was Rabbi at Friinkisch Crumbach, Germany; Erie, Pa.; and Waco, Tex. Founder (1880) and Corresponding Secretary Jewish Agriculturists' Aid Society of America. Address: 1180 Douglas Bldg., Chicago, 1ll.

Levy, David.

Rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Israel, New Haven, Conn. Address: 169 Audubon, New Haven, Conn.

Levy, Joseph Leonard.

Rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Pittsburg, Pa. Born November, 1865, in London, Eng. Son of Rabbi Solomon Levy. Educated at Jews' College, and University College (B. A.), London. Was Rabbi in the Bristol (Eng.) Hebrew Congregation; Congregation B'nai Israel, Sacramento, Cal.; and Congregation Keneseth Israel, Philadelphia, Pa. Founder of Philadelphia Sterilized Milk, Ice, and Coal Society, and of the Home of Delight, Philadelphia. Publications: Translation of " Tractate Rosh Hashana of the Babylonian Talmud; " "Home Service for the Passover; " "The Children's Service; " "A Book of Prayer; " "The Jews' Belief; " Sunday Lectures (ten vols.). Address: 1526 Denniston Av. E. E., Pittsburg, Pa.

Levy, Meyer S.

Rabbi (since 1891) of Congregation Beth Israel, San Francisco, Cal. Born January 16, 1852, at London, Eng. Son of Rabbi Solomon Levy (Minister of the Boro' Synagogue, London). Educated at the Jews' Free School, London. M. A. (Hon., 1880), University of the Pacific. Rabbi of Bikour Cholim Congregation, San Jose, Cal., 1872-1881; and of First Hebrew Congregation, Oakland, Cal., 1881-1891. Released thirty- seven Galicians from penal servitude at Honolulu, and performed first Jewish marriage there. Consecrated first Jewish cemetery at Tacoma, Wash. Address: 1230 Ellis, San Francisco, Cal.

Lewinthal, Isidore.

Rabbi of Congregation Ohavai Sholom, Nashville, Tenn. Born October 17, 1849, at Seelow, Germany. Son of Solomon Lewinthal and Dinah Eicus. Educated in Germany. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Jas. K. Gutheim. Held positions in Baton Rouge, La., and San Antonio, Texas. Publication: " Scripture Questions." Address: 1912 West End Av., Nashville, Tenn.

Lieberman, Max.

Cantor (since 1903) of Congregation Shea- rith Israel, Baltimore, Md. Born September 14, 1867, at BrestLitovsk, Russia. Son of Simcha David Lieberman. Musical, Tal- mudical (under Rabbi Joseph Beer Solavaitzik) and secular education in the schools of Brest-Litovsk. Came to America in 1891. Held positions, in various capacities, in Congregation Tree of Life, Pittsburg, Pa.; Congregation Gemiluth Chesed, Titusville, Pa.; First Hebrew Orthodox Congregation, Bradford, Pa.; Congregation Bnei Moshe, Evansville, Ind.; Congregation Adath Israel, Nashville, Tenn.; and Congregation Beth Israel, Milwaukee, Wis. Address: Baltimore, Md.

Lifshitz, Sander.

Rabbi (since 1894) of Congregations Ahave Sholem and Yad Haruzim,' Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in 5606 at Minsk, Russia. Son of Eliezer Haim Lifshitz. Educated in Russia at Minsk, Stavisk, Volosin, and Lomzha. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Misel, Lodz, and Rabbi Levin, Viina. Address: 566 Carlisle Av., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Light, Fabian.

Rabbi of Congregation Ateris Zvie. Born in Pudewitz, Germany. Son of Israel Light. Educated at Posen. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi Moses Ungar. Was Rabbi in Congregation Darech Amuno, New York City. Address: 178 East 108th, New York City.

Liknaitz, David.

Rabbi at Syracuse, N. Y. Studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Address: 607 East Lafayette, Syracuse, N. Y.

Loewenberg, William.

Cantor of Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in 1854, at Frankfort on the Main. Son of Ferdinand Loewenberg. Educated at the Realschule der israelitischen Religions Gesellschaft, Frankfort, and Hebrew Union College. Held positions in John Street Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio; Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, New York City; and Ansche Chesed, Scranton, Pa. Publication: "Union Hymnal" (in collaboration with others). Address: 1842 North 13th, Philadelphia, Pa.

Lubin, Jacob.

 Minister (since 1898) of Congregation Beth Israel, Plattsburg, N. Y. Born January 13, 1859, in Germany. Son of Hyman Lubin. Educated in Germany. Diplomas conferred by Dr. Oppenheim, Thorn, and Dr. Rosenstein, Graudenz. Held positions in Rathenow, Brandenburg, Prussia; Regen- walde, Pommerania, Prussia; Pottsville, Pa., for four years; Trenton, N. J., for two years; Orange, N. J., for five years; and New York City, for one year. Address: 57 Cornelia, Plattsburg, N. Y.

Lublinsky, Morris.

Cantor of Temple Zichron Ephraim, New York City. Born September 6, 1855, at Wloclawek, Poland. Son of Heyman Lublinsky. Educated at Konigsberg, Prussia. Diplomas conferred by Royal Music Director Weintraub, L. Lewan- dowski, C. Berneker, M. Landien, and others. Held positions in Schneidemiihl and Thorn, Prussia. Address: 242 East 71st, New York City.

Luebke, M. J.

Cantor and Lecturer in Congregation Shaare Zedek, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born February 22, 1843, at Hamburg, Germany. Son of Joseph Luebke. Educated at Altona. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Jacob Aaron Ettlinger. Was Rabbi of Congregations Bikur Cholim and Gates of Hope, New York City, and of Congregation Sheerith Yisroel and Temple Beth El, Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 174 Eckford, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Lyons, Alexander.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born June 19, 1867, at Mobile, Ala. Son of Samuel Lyons. Educated at public schools of Mobile; University of Cincinnati (B. L.); Columbia University; and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi). Was Rabbi at Terre Haute, Ind., an3 Albany, N. Y. Married Ida Eisendrath, Chicago, June 15, 1902. Publications: " Bible Talks; " " Story of Passover; " " Story of Purim." Address: 224 Carroll, Brooklyn, N. Y.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903  Lasker-Lyons
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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