Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Isaacs-Klein


Isaacs, Abram S.

Rabbi of Congregation Bnai Jeshurun (Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple), Paterson, N. J. Born August 30, 1853, in New York City. Son of Rabbi Samuel Myer Isaacs and Jane Symmons. Educated at a collegiate school, New York City; University of the City of New York (B. A., 1871; M. A., 1873; Ph. D., 1878); Breslau University (1874-1877); and Breslau Jewish Theological Seminary (certificate three years' study). Professor of Hebrew, University of the City of New York, 1885-1894; Professor of German, University of the City of New York, 1889- 1895; Professor of German Literature (post-graduate seminary), University of the City of New York, since 1895. Editor of the Jewish Messenger, 1878-1903; of Hebralca, 1879. Consulting editor of Standard Dictionary. Founder of Children's Synagogues, 1878- 1881. Publications: "Moses Chaim Luzzatto; " "Jewish Future Life" (chapter in "That Unknown Country"); "Stories from Rabbis; " " The Jews of New York " (chapter in Vol. IV Wilson's "Memorial History of New York"); reviews and essays in periodical publications. Address: Paterson, N. J.

Israell, Phineas.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth El Jacob, Des Moines, Iowa. Holds Rabbinical diploma of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Jacobs, Pizer W.

Rabbi (since 1902) of Congregation Binai Sholom, Huntsville, Ala. Born December 31, 1876. Son of Wolfe Jacobs. B. D. and Rabbi, Hebrew Union College; B. A., University of Cincinnati (Jones Prize); Rabbi at Albuquerque, N. M., 1900-1902. Address: P. O. Box 115, Huntsville, Ala.

Jacobson, Jacob S.

Minister of Zion Congregation of West Chicago, 1ll. Born October 4, 1840, at Rendsburg, Holstein. Son of Samuel Jacobson. Educated at Rendsburg, Hamburg-Altona, and London, Eng. Was teacher at Reaigymnasium, Flensborg, Germany, 1862-1863, and teacher of the Jewish Congregation there. Rabbi of Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, D. C., 1866-1870; B'nal Jeshurun Congregation, Paterson, N. J., 1870- 1872; Congregation Berith Sholom, Easton, Pa., 1873-1881; Hebrew Benevolent Congregation, Atlanta, Ga., 1881-1888; and Congregation B'nai Israel, Natchez, Miss., 1888-1896. Principal of Englewood Hebrew Education Society, Chicago, 111., 1898-1900. Address: 144 Warren Av., Chicago, 111.

Jacobson, Moses Perez.

Rabbi of Hebrew Zion Congregation, Shreveport, La. Born August 25, 1864, at Fort Wayne, Ind. Son of Elkan Jacobson and Fanny Rosenstein. Educated at Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1886); and University of Cincinnati (B. A.). Was Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Macon, Ga., for three years; Congregation Beth El, San Antonio, Texas, for two years; Congregation B'nai Israel, Salt Lake City, Utah, for three years; Congregation Rodef Sholem, Youngstown, Ohio, for two years; and Kehillath Anshe Maarabh, Chicago, 1ll., for three years. Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Mobile, Ala. Address: 750 Hope, Shreveport, La.

Jacobson, Simon.

Cantor of Kehilath Jeshurun, New York City. Born May 10, 1857, at Warsaw, Poland. Son of Isaac Jacob Jacobson. Educated at Warsaw, and Konigsberg, Prussia. Preceptor in Ritual and Liturgy in Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Address: 123 East 82d, New York City.

Jastrow, Marcus.

Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia, Pa. Born June 5, 1829, at Rogasen, Province of Posen, Prussia. Son of Abraham Jastrow. Educated at Rogasen; Gymnasium at Posen; and University of Berlin. Ph. D., Halle; Litt. D., University of Pennsylvania. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Moses Feilchenfeld, Rogasen, and Rabbi Dr. Wolf Landau, Dresden. Held positions as preacher of the German Congregation of Warsaw, Poland; Rabbi at Worms, Germany; and Rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Imprisoned in Warsaw; expelled for political reasons; recalled in 1862. Publications: " Vier Jahrhunderte aus der Geschichte der Juden; " " Kazania" (collection of sermons in Polish); "Die Lage der Juden in Polen" (anonymous); "Die Vorliiufer der poinischen Revolution " (anonymous); " Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature; " contributions to Frankel's Monatsschrift, Revue des Etudes juives, Hebraica, etc. Address: 139 West Upsal, Germantown, Pa.

Joseph, Theodore F.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Temple de Hirsch, Seattle, Wash. Born October 2, 1875, at Neuviller, Alsace, Germany. Son of Joseph S. Joseph. Educated at public schools of Lancaster, Pa.; Cornell University (B. A., 1896); Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1899). Address: 607 Sixth Av., Seattle, Wash.

Kahn, Emanuel.

Rabbi of United Hebrew Congregation, Fort Smith, Ark. Born May 20, 1879, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Son of Mayer Kahn. Educated at public schools of Cincinnati. Rabbi, Hebrew Union College (1902); B. A. University of Cincinnati. Address: Fort Smith, Ark.

Kaiser, Alois.

Cantor (since 1866) of Congregation Oheb Shalom, Baltimore, Md. Born November 10, 1840, at Szobotist, Hungary. Son of David Loeb Kaiser. Educated at Realschule, Vienna; Teacher's Seminary and Conservatory of Music, Vienna; Conservatory of Music, Prague; and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Was Cantor at Fiinfhaus, Vienna, and at the Neusynagoge, Prague. President Society of American Cantors; Honorary Member Central Conference of American Rabbis; President Hebrew Education Society, Baltimore. Publications: " Zim- rath Yah" (musical service for the whole Jewish year); Psalms 1, 29, 112, and 125 set to music; Requiem for the Day of Atonement; Cantata for Simchath Torah; Confirmation and Consolation Hymns; (with Wm. Sparger) Souvenir of the Jewish Women's Congress at the World's Columbian Exposition; Dedication Anthem; compiler of the music of the Union Hymnal. Address: 1713 Linden Av., Baltimore, Md.

Kamenetzky, Heimau M.

Rabbi of Congregation Nachlath Zwie, New York City. Born October 15, 1840, in Lida, Russia. Son of Solomon Kamenetzky. Educated at the Talmudical College of Volosin, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Isaac Eichanan Spector, Kovno. Address: 1837 Madison Av., New York City.

Kaplan, Bernard Michael.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel, Sacramento, Cal. Born June 15, 1874, at Linkovo, Lithuania, Russia. Son of Michael Sheftel Kaplan. Educated at public schools, New York City; Columbia University (B. A. and M. A.), and Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Rabbi). Principal of Mendes' Mission School, New York City, 1897; lecturer on Political Economy at Young Men's Christian Association, New York City; 1897-1898; Rabbi McGill College Avenue Synagogue, Montreal, Can., 1897-1902. Publication: "Origin and Goal of Zionism," published by the Canadian Federation of Zionists. Contributor to the Jewish Criterion, Hebrew Watchword and Instructor, Open Court, and other papers. Address: 1017 Eighteenth, Sacramento, Cal.

Kaplan, Ellas M.

Cantor of Congregation Shomro Habrith, Reading, Pa. Born in Derevno, Government Vlina, Russia. Son of Moses Kaplan. Educated at Viina. Held a position in Shen- andoah, Pa. Address: 419 Cedar, Reading, Pa.

Kartschmaroff, Edward.

Cantor (since 1876) of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York City. Born January 1, 1843, at Kherson, Russia. Son of Lazar Kartschmaroff. Educated at Vienna, Austria. Was Cantor at Miskolcz ahd Szegedin, Hungary; in the Neusynagoge, Prague, Bohemia; and of Congregation Shaare Rachamim (1S73-187G), New York City. Address: 1143 Lexington Av., New York City.

Kauvar, Charles Eliezer.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth Med- rash Hagodol, Denver, Colo. Born Ab 14, 1879, at Viina, Russia. Son of Solomon Zalkind Kauvar. Educated at Viina and in New York City. Rabbi, 1902, Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Valedictorian); B. A., 1900, College of the City of New York (Ward Medal); M. A., Columbia University, New York. Address: 2546 Champa, Denver, Colo.

Kleeberg, Levi.

Rabbi of Congregation Berith Sholom, Easton, Pa. Born July 14, 1832, at Hofgeismar, Germany. Educated at Halberstadt and Gottingen (Ph. D.). Rabbinical diploma conferred by Dr. I. Hildesheimer. Held positions in Elberfeld, Germany; Louisville, Ky.; and New Haven, Conn. Address: 6th Street Temple, Easton, Pa., or 211 East 85th, New York City.

Klein, David.

Rabbi of Congregation Binai Israel, Columbus, Ohio. Born in 1868 at Hethars, Hungary. Son of Rabbi Joel Klein. Educated at a Talmudical College, a Gymnasium, the Ohio State University (B. Ph., M. A.), and privately by his father. Rabbi of Congregation Rodef Shalom, Reading, Pa., 1890-1892; and of Akron (Ohio) Hebrew Congregation, 1893-1896. Publications : " The Philosophy of Spinoza, with Reference to the Sources; " " The Influence of Spinoza on Modern Thought; " " Stoicism and Hassidism." Address: 526 East Main, Columbus; Ohio.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Isaacs-Klein
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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