Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Hailperin-Hurwitz

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Hailperin, Baer.

Rabbi (since 1888) of Congregation Mish- nayes, Newark, N. J. Born in Russia, in 1859. Son of Mordecai Hailperin and Feige Schapira. Educated at Minsk, Russia, the chief rabbis of which conferred the Rabbinical diploma upon him. Held Rabbinical positions in Russia (1885) and Albany, N. Y. (1887). Founder of the Kosher Meat System and the Passover Relief Fund in Newark. Address: 229 Court, Newark, N. J.

Harris, Maurice H.

Rabbi of Temple Israel of Harlem, New York City. Born November 9, 1859, in London, Eng. Son of Henry L. Harris. Educated in London and at Columbia University (M. A. and Ph. D.). Rabbinical diploma conferred by Emanu-El Theological Seminary Association, New York City. Publication: " The People of the Book "(Biblical History, 3 vols.). Address: 10 East 129th, New York City.

Harrison, Leon.

Rabbi of Temple Israel, St. Louis, Mo. Born August 13, 1866, at Liverpool, Eng. Son of Gustave Harrison. Educated at public schools of New York City; College of the City of New York; and Columbia University. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Emanu-El Theological Seminary Association, New York City. Was Rabbi of Temple Israel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: Temple Israel, St. Louis, Mo.

Hecht, Sigmund.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Congregation B'nai B'rith, Los Angeles, Cal. Born August 1, 1849, at Hlinik, Hungary. Son of Moritz Hecht. Educated privately by his father; at Zsoina, Hungary; and at the High School, Seminary, and University at Vienna. Additional instruction in New York. Rabbinical diploma granted by the Rabbi of Bistritz, Hungary. D. D., 1886, University of Alabama. Rabbi at Montgomery, Ala., 1876- 1888; of Temple Emanu-El, Milwaukee, Wis., 1888-1899. Publication: " Post-Biblical History." Address: 817 Beaver, Los Angeles, Cal.

Heinberg, Israel.

Rabbi (since 1889) of Congregation B'nai Israel, Monroe, La. Born March, 1858, at Padberg, Westphalia, Germany. Son of Bendix Heinberg. Educated at Jewish Seminary, Miinster, Westphalia, and University of Bonn. Rabbinical diploma received from the Curatorium of the Mark-Haindorf Seminary. Was Rabbi at Pensacola, Fla., for one year, and at Alexandria, La., for two years. Address: 112 Jackson, Monroe, La.

Heller, H.

 Rabbi of Congregation Poale Zedek, Chicago, 1ll. Born in Bakau, Roumania. Address: 19 O'Brien, Chicago, 1ll.

Heller, Maxmillian.

Rabbi (since 1887) of Temple Sinai, New Orleans, La. Born January 1, 1860, at Prague, Bohemia. Son of Seligmann Heller and Math'ilde Kassowitz. Educated at the Neustadter Gymnasium, Prague; Hebrew Union College (Rabbi); and University of Cincinnati (B. L. and M. L.). Rabbi, 1884-1886, of Zion Congregation, Chicago, 1ll.; 1886-1887, of Congregation Beth-El, Houston, Texas. Address: 1828 Marengo, New Orleans, La.

Hershman, Joel.

Cantor of Congregation Bnei Abraham, Hagerstown, Md. Born January 1, 1883, at Minsk, Russia. Son of David Hershman. Educated at Dvinsk and Vilna, Russia. Held positions at Lintop, Russia, and Waterbury, Conn. Address: 252 Frederick, Hagerstown, Md.

Hess, Emanuel L.

Born August 12, 1845, at Meerholz, Kurhes- sen, Germany. Son of David Hess. Educated at Gymnasium of Hanau, at Marburg, and Frankfort on the Main (under Rabbis S. R. Hirsch and Leopold Stein). Was Rabbi at Kansas City, Mo., 1871-1876; Shreveport, La., 1876-1888; and St. Paul, Minn., 1888-1899. Publications: "Treatise on the Shulchan Aruch; " "Guide for Confirmation;" "Catechism;" "Ritual for Children's Services." Address: 52 Tilton, St. Paul, Minn.

Hirsch, Emil G.

Rabbi (since 1880) of Chicago (1ll.) Sinai Congregation. Born May 22, 1852, at Luxemburg. Son of Rabbi Samuel Hirsch and Louise Nickolls. B. A. (1872), M. A. (1875), University of Pennsylvania; Ph. D. (1876), University of Leipzig; LL. D., Austin College; and L. H. D., Western University. Studied at the Berlin Hochschule fiir die Wissenschaft des Judenthums (Rabbi, 1877). Rabbi of Har Sinai Congregation, Baltimore, Md., in 1877; of Congregation Adath Israel, Louisville, Ky., 1878-1880. Professor of Rabbinical Literature and Philosophy at University of Chicago since 1888. Editor of the Reform Advocate. Editor Jewish Encyclopedia Department of the Bible. Address: 3612 Grand Boulevard, Chicago, 1ll.

Hirschberg, Abram.

 Rabbi (since 1898) of North Chicago Hebrew Congregation, Chicago, 1ll. Born August 10, 1876, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Son of Maurice A. Hirschberg. Educated at University of Cincinnati (B. A.); University of Chicago; and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L., B. D., and Rabbi, 1898). Address: 294 La Salle Av., Chicago, 1ll.

Hirschowitz, Abraham Eber.

Rabbi (since 1898) of Congregation Sons of Israel, New York City. Born in 1845, in Shilel, Russia. Son of Samuel Hirschowitz and Hannah Kirschstein. Educated at Kovno, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spector, Kovno; Rabbi Jacob Saul Eliashar, Jerusalem; Dr. Nathan Adler and Rabbi Jacob Rheinowitz, London, Eng. Held positions as Superintendent of the Poor Jews' Shelter, London, for five years; as teacher in the Jews' Free School, London; as Rabbi of Congregation Beth Hamedrash Chevrah Torah, Melbourne, Australia; and as Rabbi in San Francisco, Cal., for one year; and in New York City, for seven years. Sent, in 1884, by German Rabbis, to the Anglo-Jewish Colonization Society of London concerning the colonization of Palestine. Called to Japan in 1895 to decide a religious question. Publications: " Minchat Marchesas " (dedicated to Sir Moses Montefiore); Memorial Address on Mr. Lawrence Oliphant; "Religious Duties of the Daughters of Israel." Address: 61 East Broadway, New York City.

Hirsdansky, Samue1 Z'vi.

Rabbi of B'nai Pithche Teshubah, New York City. Born Ab 7, 5608, at Kovno, Russia. Son of Abraham Isaac Hirsdansky and Rachel Miriam Iviensky. Educated at Talmudical Colleges of Kovno and Volosin, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Isaac Eichanan Spector, Kovno. Was Rabbi in Congregations Anshei Emeth, Agudath Achi-n Chesed Shel Emeth, Anshei Makowa, and Anshei Kroz, all in New York City. Founder of an Old People's Home; a Society for the Aid of the Sick; a Kosher Food House for Jewish Soldiers; a Free Transportation Society, etc.; all in Kovno. Was Gabai of the Kovno Talmudical College. Address: 10 East 103rd, New York City.

Hirshberg, Samuel.

Rabbi (since 1895) of Congregation Ohabei Shalom, Boston, Mass. Born December 14, 1869, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Son of Maurice A. Hirshberg and Sarah Samuels. Educated at Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1891); University of Cincinnati (B. L., 1891); and Harvard University (M. A., 1902). Was Rabbi of Congregation Achduth Vesholom, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1891-1895. Married, October 24, 1899, Jeannette Rosalie Hirshberg. Address: 30 Coolidge, Brookline, Mass.

Hochheimer, Henry.

Born October 3, 1818, at Ansbach, Middle Franconia. Son of Rabbi Isaac Hochheimer. Rabbinical education under his grandfather, Rabbi Moses Hochheimer, Ansbach; Rabbi Guggenheimer, Kriegshaber; and Rabbi Hirsch Aub, Munich, from the last of whom he received the Rabbinical authorization (1845). Secular education at the Lateinschule, Ansbach; Gymnasium, Augsburg; and University of Munich (Ph. D.). Assistant Rabbi to his father in Ichenhausen, 1844-1849; Rabbi of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, 1849-1859; Rabbi of Congregation Oheb Israel, Baltimore, 1859-1892. Made Rabbi Emeritus in 1892. Contributor to the Jewish press, especially in Germany, since 1841. Forced to leave Germany on account of seditious addresses and articles published in 1848 in Der Grenzbote, and Die Zeitung fur die elegante Welt. Address: Hebrew Hospital and Asylum, Baltimore, Md.

Hummel, Benno W.

Assistant Cantor (since 1903) of Congregation Chizzuk Emobnah, Baltimore, Md. Born March 10, 1866, at Fischach, Bavaria. Son of Heinrich Hummel and Fannl Ellin- ger. Educated at the Talmud Torah of Schwabach and Burgpreppac'i, Bavaria. Holds a teacher's diploma (1884) of the Schwabach Imperial Seminary. Was Cantor at Harburg, Bavaria, 1884-1886: Kirchberg, Prussia, 1886-1888; Hoffenheim, Baden, 1888-1892; and of Congregation Shearith Israel, Baltimore, Md., 1892-1903. Came to America in 1892. Address: 2106 Callow Av., Baltimore, Md.

Hurwitz, Isaac S.

Rabbi of Congregation Shaare Torah and Agudath Achirn, Hartford, Conn. Born October, 1868, at Nowo- prudok, Government Minsk, Russia. Son of Joseph B. Hurwitz. Educated at Talmudlcal College of Volosin, Russia. Rabbinical diplomas received from Rabbis Naftall Hirsch Beriin and Isaac Elchanan Spector. Address: 76 Pleasant, Hartford, Conn.

Hurwitz, Reuben.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Abraham, Terre Haute, Ind. Born Shebat 14, 6625, at Kalwarya, Poland. Son of Hyman Isaac Hurwitz. Educated at Kovno, Russia. Rabbinical diploma received trom Rabbi Alexander Moses Lapidos, and others. Address: 327 South 12th, Terre Haute, Ind.


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