Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Glass-Guttman

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Glass, Herman.

Cantor (since 1878) of Congregation Chizzuk Emoonah, Baltimore, Md. Born January 24, 1852, in Sorau, Upper Silesia, Germany. Son of Abram Glass. Educated in Gymnasiums of Gleiwitz and Beuthen, Upper Silesia, and by Cantor Deutsch, Breslau, Germany. Came to America in 1878. Held positions in Westphalia and the Rhineland, Germany. Address: 1717 McCulloh, Baltimore, Md.

Glazer, Simon.

Rabbi (since 1903) of Congregation B'nai Israel, Des Moines, Iowa. Born January 21, 1878, at Erzwelig, Government Kovno, Russia. Son of Abraham Elijah Glazer. Educated at various Talmudical Colleges in Russia. Rabbinical diploma received from Rabbi Solomon D. Sprintz, Paris (now at Montreal;, 1897. Was Rabbi at Altoona, Pa. (1897); Bradford, Pa. (1899); Houston, Texas (1900); Dallas, Texas (1902); and New Orieans, La. (1902). Came to America in 1896. Contributor to the Yiddish, English-Jewish, and Hebrew press. Address: 901 East 6th, Des Moines, Iowa.

Gluck, B.

Rabbi of Congregation Oheb Sholom, Newark, N. J. Address: 274 Littleton Av., Newark, N. J.

Goldberg, Michael.

Minister of Congregation Dorshei Tove, Philadelphia, Pa. Born December 20, 1857, in Russia, and educated there. Son of Benjamin Goldberg. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Teumime. Address: 207 Vine, Philadelphia, Pa.

Goldberg, Samuel Louis.

Cantor of Congregation Ansche Nejen Nussach Ho-Ari, Baltimore, Md. Born May 7, 1863, in Government Kovno, Russia. Son of Abraham Goldberg. Educated at Eiseshok, Russia. Musical education under private teachers. Was teacher in Russia, 1883-1888. Address: 1103 Orleans, Baltimore. Md.

Goldfarb, Israel.

Cantor of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N. Y. Born January 1, 1881, at Lieniava, Galicia. Son of David Goldfarb. Educated at Lieniava (Talmud and music); high school, New York City; and Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Diploma). Address: Tompkinsville, S. I., New York City.

Goldfarb, Jacob.

Minister of Congregation Beth Israel, Washington, Pa. Born March 7, 1871, in Russia, and educated there. Son of Samuel Goldfarb. Address: Washington, Pa.

Goldstein, Morris.

Cantor (since 1880) of K. K. Bene Israel, Cincinnati, Ohio. Born April 7, 1840, at Kecskemet, Hungary. Son of Samuel Goldstein. Educated at Vienna, Austria. Cantor for twelve years of Congregations Ansche Chesed and Shaar Hashomayim, New York City. Publications: " Zimrath Yah" (in collaboration with A. Kaiser and S. Welsh); " Kol Zimroh," and "The Temple Service" (both in collaboration with others). Address: Mound Str. Temple, 8th and Mound, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gordon, Max.

Cantor (since 1901) of the Society Ahwat Chesed, New London, Conn. Born June, 1875, in Vilna, Russia. Son of Morris Gordon. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi Solomon, Vilna, Rabbi Cantor, and Rabbi Berenstein. Came to America in 1899. Rabbi at Meriden, Conn., 1899-1901. Address: 54 Bradley, New London, Conn.

Gorovitz, Aaron.

Rabbi of Congregation Bnay Israel, Woon- socket, R. I. Born March 15, 1870, in Russia. Son of Moses Solomon Soloweitzik. Educated at Viina, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Solomon Katz. Held positions in St. John, New Brunswick, and Newburgh, N. Y. Chaplain Matteawan State Hospital, N. Y. Address: 400 Diamond Hill R., Woonsocket, R. I.

Grafman, R.

Cantor of Congregation Oheb Sholem, Washington, D. C. Born in Russia. Son of Leib Grafman. Educated at Vilna. Held positions in Bradford, Pa., Richmond, Va., and Baltimore, Md. Address: Washington, D. C.

Grafman, Saul.

Cantor of Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, Pitts- burg, Pa. Born October, 1872, in Viina, Russia, and educated there. Son of Louis Grafman. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbis in Russia. Address: 24 Logan, Pittsburg, Pa.

Greenburg, William H.

Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Texas. Born April 27, 1868, at London, Eng. Son of Henry Greenburg. Educated at University College and Jews' College, London, and Montefiore College, Ramsgate, Eng. M. A. and Ph. D., Heidelberg University. Rabbinical diploma granted by Ilaliam Dr. Moses Gaster, London. Was Rabbi at Albuquerque, N. M., and Sacramento, Cal. Publication: " The Haggadah according to the Rite of Yemen, with Arabic-Hebrew Commentary." Address: 108 Browden, Dallas, Texas.

Greenfield, Samuel.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Mount Zion Congregation, New York City. Born April 6, 1870, at Kaschau, Austria-Hungary. Son of Solomon Greenfield and Bertha Friedman. Educated at Kaschau, New York City, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Rabbl, Hebrew Union College; B. L. University of Cincinnati. Rabbi at Peoria, 1ll., 1891-1893; Rodeph Shalom Congregation, Pittsburg, Pa., 1893-1896; and Temple Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1896-1899. Editor of the Jewish Criterion, 1895-1898. Address: 22 East 114th, New York City.

Giles, Moses J.

Rabbi (since 1892) of Congregation Tifereth Israel, Cleveland, Ohio. Born January 25, 1868, at Newark, N. J. Educated at University of Cincinnati (B. L., 1889), and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1889). Rabbi at Chattanooga, Tenn., 1889-1892. President Educational League; organizer of first "Open Temple;" President Alumni Association Hebrew Union College. Address: 45 Oakdale, Cleveland, Ohio.

Gross, Alexander.

Minister (since 1890) of Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Philadelphia, Pa. Born December 4, 1884, at Tauber Bischofsheim, Germany. Son of Abraham Gross. Educated at Tauber Bischofsheim and Karlsruhe. Diplomas awarded by Dr. I. Geismar and Dr. Altman. Held positions at Petersburg, Va., for eleven years; and at Easton, Pa., for eight years. Address: 1924 North Franklin, Philadelphia, Pa.

Grossmann, Louis.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Yeshurun, Cincinnati, Ohio. Born February 24, 1863. Son of Rabbi Ignatz Grossmann (author of " Mikraoth Ketanoth"). Educated at University of Cincinnati (B. A.) and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi and D. D.). Rabbi of Temple Beth El, Detroit, Mich., 1884-1898. Professor of Theology at Hebrew Union College. Was Secretary Central Conference of American Rabbis and Member Executive Board. Publications: " Judaism and the Science of Religion; " " Maimonides; " " Responses, Psalms, and Hymns; " " Life and Writings of Isaac M. Wise" (edited in conjunction with David Philipson). Address: 2212 Park Av., Wainut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Grossman, Rudolph.

Rabbi of Temple Rodeph Sholom, New York City. Born July 24, 1867, at Vienna, Austria. Son of Rabbi Ignatz Grossman. Educated at University of Cincinnati (B. L.) and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi and D. D.). Address: 1347 Lexington Av., New York City.

Guinsburg', Theodore.

Cantor of Congregation Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim, New York City. Born October 29, 1847, in Kalwarya, Poland. Son of Moses Guinsburg. Educated in Russia and Berlin. Was Cantor in Hartford, Conn. Address: 258 West 113th, New York City.

Guranowsky, Abraham.

Rabbi (since 1878) of Congregation Emunath Israel, New York City. Born December 21, 1848, at Wloclawek> Poland. Son of Israel Guranowsky and Gitel Zloto. Educated at the Talmudical Colleges of Brisk, Plotsk, Konin, and Kutno, in Russia. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Joseph N. Caro, Rabbi Baer Mattrich, Libronietz; and the Rabbi of Isbitz. Address: 311 West 27th, New York City.

Guttmacher, Adolf.

Rabbi of the Baltimore (Md.) Hebrew Congregation. Born January 7, 1861, in Germany. Son of Man- heim Guttmacher. Educated at the Judisches Lehrer Seminar, Berlin; University of Cincinnati (B. L.); Hebrew Union College (Rabbi); and Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D.). Was Rabbi at Fort Wayne, Ind. Publication: " Optimism and Pessimism in the Old and New Testaments." Address: 2239 Bolton Ave., Baltimore, Md.

Guttman, Adolph.

Rabbi (since 1883) of the Society of Concord, Syracuse, N. Y. Born August, 1854, in Austria. Son of Hirsch Guttman. Educated at Leipnik, Austria, Pressburg, Hungary, and Universities of Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich (Ph. D.). Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi H. Dembitzer, Cracow, Galicia; Dr. Leopold Stein, Frankfort on the Main; and the Hochschule, Beth Hamidrash, Vienna. Until recently Professor of Semitics in Syracuse University. Was Rabbi at Hohenems, Tyrol. Address: 102 Wainut Park, Syracuse, N. Y.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Glass-Guttman
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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