Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Enelow-Freedman

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Enelow, H. G.

Rabbi (since 1902) of Congregation Adath Israel, Louisville, Ky. Born October 26, 1876. in Russia. Son of Leopold Enelow. Educated at the Universities of Chicago and Cincinnati, and the Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, D. D.). Rabbi of Temple Israel, Paducah, Ky., 1898-1901; Junior Rabbi Temple Adath Israel, Louisville, 1901-1902. Contributor to the Jewish press and the Year Book of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Editor of " Yahvism and other Discourses by Adolph Moses." Address: 1115 Hepburn Av., Louisville, Ky.

Englander, Henry.

Rabbi (since 1901) of Congregation Aha- vath Sholem, Ligonier, Ind. Born at Eperies, Hungary. Son of Marcus Englander. Educated in public schools of Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1901). Address: Ligonier, Ind.

Englander, Simon J.

Rabbi of Emunath Israel Oheb Sholem, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in 1855, ip Hungary, and educated there, Son of Emanuel Englander. Was Rabbi of the Hungarian Congregation, Cleveland, Ohio. Address: 323 Catharine, Philadelphia, Pa.

Eppstein, Elias.

Rabbi of Congregation Bnai Shalom, Quincy, 11l. Born October 15, 1831, at Saarwelling, Alsace-Lorraine. Son of Rabbi Mayer L. Eppstein. Educated at Bonn. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi Moshe Mertzlg. Held positions In Jackson, Mich.; Detroit, Mich.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Philadelphia, Pa. Publications: " Confinnant's Guide; " " Bible Events." Address: 202 South 12th, Quincy, 11l.

Ettleson, Harry W.

Rabbi (since 1903) of the Reform Jewish Congregation at Marion, Ind. Born at Mobile, Ala.


Faber, Maurice.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth-El, Tyler, Texas. Born December 30, 1S54, at Siroka, Hungary. Son of Leon Faber. Educated in Hungarian schools and Talmudical Colleges. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Wolf Tannenbaum, Verpelet, Hungary. Was Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Zlon, Tltusville, Pa., for ten years, and of Congregation B'nai Israel, Keokuk, Iowa, for two years. Was Professor of German Language and Literature at Titusville High School for nine years. Address: 320 South College, Tyler, Texas.

Feinberg, Moses.

Cantor of Congregation Adath Yeshurun, Syracuse, N. Y. Born September 1, 1848, at Suvalkl, Poland, and educated there. Son of Abraham Feinberg. Came to America in 1868. Diploma granted by Rabbi Jacob Joseph, New York City. Held positions in the Congregations New Beth Israel ana Poale Zedek, Syracuse, N. Y. Address: 511 East Jefferson, Syracuse, N. Y.

Felsenthal, Bernhard.

Rabbi Emeritus of Zion Congregation, Chicago, 11l. Born January 2, 1822, at Munchweiler, near Kaiserslautern, Rhenish Palatinate. Son of Simon Felsenthal. Educated at Kaiserslautern and University of Munich (Ph. D.). Rabbinical diploma granted by Dr. Samuel Adler and Dr. David Einhorn. Rabbi in Madison, Ind., 1856-1858; of Sinai Congregation, Chicago, 11l., 1861-64; and of Zion Congregation, Chicago, 11l., 1864-1887. Publications: " Kol Kore Bamidbar; uber judische Reform; " "A Practical Hebrew Grammar; " " Second Hebrew Reader;" " Judisches Schulwesen in Amerika;" " Kritik des Missionswesens; " " Zur Proselytenfrage im Judenthum; " "The Beginnings of Sinai Congregation; " "Judische Fragen." Address: 4809 Prairie Av., Chicago, Ill.

Feuerlicht, Morris Marcus.

Rabbi of Congregation Ahawas Achim, Lafayette, Ind. Born January 15, 1879, at Tokay, Hungary. Son of Jacob Feuerlicht and Kate Deutsch. Educated at public schools of Boston, Mass.; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L., and Rabbi, 1901). Address: Lafayette, Ind.

Fineschriber, 'William H.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nal Israel, Davenport, Iowa. Rabbi, 1900, Hebrew Union College.

Finkelstein, Simon I.

Rabbi (since 1892) of Congregation Ohave Sholom, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born May 25, 1863, at Kovno, Russia. Son of Jehuda Zwie Finkelstein. Educated at the Talmudical College of Kovno. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Isaac Eichanan Spector, Kovno; Rabbi Isaac Meir; .Rabbi M. Kohen; and Rabbi Jacob Joseph, Vilna (later New York). Rabbi of Congregation Bikur Cholim, Baltimore, Md., 1886-1890; Beth T'flla, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1890-1897; and Poale Zedek, Syracuse, N. Y., 1897-1902. Publications: " Reshis Bickurae" (a treatise on the Talmud); "Bickurae Anavim and Pirche Hagefen " (explanation of the parables of Rabba bar bar Chana and the debates of Rabbi Jehoshua ben Chananya with the wise men of Athens). Address: 1728 Pltkin Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Fisher, Henry M.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Atlantic City, N. J. Born July 24, 1876, at New Haven Conn. Son of Mark Fisher. Educated at Yale University (B. A., 1897), and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L., and Rabbi, 1903). Address: Hotel Cecil, Atlantic City, N. J.

Fleischer, Charles.

Rabbi of Temple Adath Israel, Boston, Mass.; Born December 23, 1871, at Breslau, Germany. Son of Nathan Oscar Fieischer. Educated at public schools of New York City; EmanuEl Theological Seminary Association, New York City; high school; University of Cincinnati (B. L., 1893); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L., 1887; Rabbi, 1893). Publications: Literary, political, and sociological addresses in various publications. Address: 40 Concord Av., Cambridge, Mass.

Foster, Solomon.

Associate Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Newark, N. J. Born February 15, 1878, at Americus, Ga. Son of Meyer Benjamin Foster and Henrietta Cohen. Educated at the School of the Lackawanna, Scranton, Pa; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi). Address: 135 Washington, Newark, N. J.

Frank, Julius.

Rabbi of Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom, Reading, Pa. Born December 26, 1866, at Vegesack, Bremen, Germany. Educated at the Gymnasium in Bremen; Teachers' Seminary, Hanover; and University of Göttingen. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Dr. Sam. E. Meyer, Hanover, and the Board of Governors of the Hanover Seminary. Held positions in Detmold and Lubbecke, Westphalia, Germany. Address: Reading, Pa.

Franklin, Leo M.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Temple Beth El, Detroit, Mich. Born March 5, 1870, at Cambridge City, Ind. Son of Michael H. Franklin. Educated in public schools of Cincinnati; University of Cincinnati (B. L.); and Hebrew Union College (Rabbi, 1892). Rabbi of Temple Israel, Omaha, Neb., 1892-1899. Member of Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. Editor ot the Jewish American. Organizer of congregations at Lincoin, Neb., Port Huron, Saginaw, and Lansing, Mich. Publication: " A Ritual for Children's Sabbath Services and Religious School Devotions." Address: 71 Brainard, Detroit, Mich.

Freedman, Samuel Aaron.

Cantor of Congregation B'nai Amoona, St. Louis, Mo. Born September 26, 1863, at Minsk, Russia. Son of Israel Freedman. Educated at Minsk, Vlina, and the Warsaw Conservatory of Music. Held positions in Pone- viezh, Russia, and Cleveland, Ohio. Publications: " Manual of Harmony; " articles on music. Address: 932 North 14th, St. Louis, Mo.

Freedman, Wolf.

Minister of Congregation B'nei Israel Sa- lanter, Anshe Samut, New York City. Born in Riga, Russia. Address: 99 Monroe, New York City.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Enelow-Freedman
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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