Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Davidson- Elzas


Davidson, D.

Rabbi of Congregation Agudath Jesharim, New York City. Address: 134 East 87th, New York City.

Deinard, Samuel N.

Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Tov, Minneapolis, Minn. Born January 25, 1872, at Rossein, Russia. Son of David Mendel Deinard. Educated at the Von Laemme School, Jerusalem; Judisches Lehrer Seminar, Cologne, Germany; University of Pennsylvania (B. A.); De Pauw University (M. A.); and University of Chicago. Was Rabbi in Terre Haute, Ind., and Chicago, 1ll. Head of the Semitic Department, University of Minnesota. Contributor to the Hatt'hia, Reform Advocate, and Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures. Address: 331 Franklin Av., Minneapolis, Minn.

Diamond, Ignatz.

Rabbi and Cantor (since 1900) of Congregation Bikur Cholim, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born May 8, 1862. Son of Moritz Diamond. Educated in Hungary. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbis in Pressburg, Hungary. Officiated as Rabbi in Hungary for fifteen years. Address: 63 Alabama Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Distillator, Samuel E.

Cantor of Congregation Beth Tefillah, New York City. Born May 21, 1848, at Vilna, Russia, and educated there. Son of Joshua Distillator. Surgeon Mohel. Positions held in Germany, England, and America. Address: 1835 Lexington Av., New York City.

Drachman, Bernard.

Rabbi (since 1889) of Congregation Zichron Ephraim, New York City. Born June 27, 1861, at New York City. Son of Benjamin Drachman and Mathilde Stein. Educated at high school, Jersey City, N. J.; Columbia College (B. A. and M. A.); by EmanuEl Theological Seminary Association; at University of Breslau (Ph.D.); and Jewish Theological Seminary at Breslau. Rabbinical diploma granted by the last and Rabbi Dr. M. Joel, Breslau. Rabbi of Congregation Oheb Sholom, Newark, N. J., 1886-1887; and of Congregation Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, New York City, 1887-1889. Preceptor and Dean of Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1887-1902; Instructor of Bible and Hebrew Grammar, and Reader in the Codes in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America since 1902. Founder of Jewish Endeavor Society, and Director of Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of the United States and Canada. Publications: " Die Stellung und Bedeutung des Jehuda Hajjug in der Geschichte der hebriiischen Grammatik; " " The Rabbi as Communal Worker " (in "Activities of the Rabbi"); " Neo-Hebraic Literature In America " (in Seventh Biennial Report of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America); translation of "The Nineteen Letters of Ben Uziel." Contributor to the English and German Jewish, and the Hebrew press. Address: 36 East 75th, New York City.

Drechsler, Sigmund.

Rabbi (since 1886) of the Hungarian Congregation Bne Jeschurun, Cleveland, Ohio. Born April 23, 1843, at Brezova, Hungary. Son of Isaac Drechsler. Educated under Dr. I. Hildesheimer, at Eisenstadt, Hungary. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Dr. I. Hildesheimer, and Rabbi Mannheimer, Ungvar. Was Rabbi at Kovago Eors for three years; Nagy Vaszony for three years, and Peczel, for fourteen years; all in Hungary. Address: 221 Woodland Av., Cleveland, Ohio.

Dubov, Marcus H.

Rabbi of Congregation Bnei Moshe, Evansville, Ind. Born October 12, 1852, in the Government of Minsk. Son of Joseph Dubov. Educated at Siutsk and Volosin, Russia. Received Rabbinical diplomas from Rabbi Hurevitz, Pinsk, Russia; Rabbi Solavaitzik; and Rabbi Jacob Joseph, New York City. Held positions in Grodno, Russia; Graudenz, Prussia; Sioux City, Iowa; and Canton, Ohio. Publication: " Tachbulo Lehisasher." Address: 608 Upper 9th, Evansville, Ind.

Ehrenreich, Bernard Calonimus.

Rabbi of Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Philadelphia, Pa. Born June 11, 1875, at Kis Szeben, Hungary. Son of Henry Reuben Ehrenreich. Educated at the University of the City of New York (B. Ph.), and Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1888-1898). Rabbi in Atlantic City, N. J., 1900-1901. Address: 2249 North 17th, Philadelphia, Pa.

Eichler, Menahem M.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Philadelphia, Pa. Born in 1870, at Zemplen-Butka, Hungary. Son of Phineas Eichler. Educated at Talmudical Colleges in Hungary; Teachers' Seminary, Budapest; College of the City of New York (B. A., 1899); University of Pennsylvania (B. A., 1902); Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Rabbi, 1899). Address: 1931 North 8th, Philadelphia, Pa.

Elkin, Meyer.

Rabbi (since 1887) of Congregation Beth Israel, Hartford, Conn. Born May 5, 1839, at Breslau, Germany. Son of Rabbi H. A. Elkin. Educated at Breslau under Rabbi A. Tiktin, and in Kempen, under Rabbi Meir Lebush, the Malbim. Rabbinical diploma granted by the latter. Was Rabbi at Liverpool, England, for seven years; of Congregation Beth Israel, Philadelphia, Pa., for ten years; at Denver, Colo., for two years, and at Evaris- ville, Ind., for four years. Address: 16 Shultas Place, Hartford, Conn.

Ellinger, Emil.

Rabbi of Congregation Gemilas Hasodim, Alexandria, La. Born May 2, 1861, at Papa, Hungary. Son of Carl Ellinger and Marie Deutsch. Hebrew education at Nikols- burg, Moravia; secular education at University of Vienna. Rabbinical diploma received from Rabbi Judah Ossart, Hungary. Was Rabbi at Devecser, Hungary; Mount Vernon, Ind.; and Sioux City, Iowa. Address: 330 Fisk, Alexandria, La.

Elmaleh, Leon H.

Minister of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pa. Born June 9, 1874, at Gibraltar, Spain. Son of Jacob Elmaleh and Gunol Aflalo. Educated at Gibraltar and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Kazan). Was teacher in Shearith Israel Congregational School and in Mission School, Trempnt Street, New York City. Address: 117 North 7th, Philadelphia, Pa.

Elzas, Barnett A,

Rabbi of K. K. Beth Elohim, Charleston, S. C. Born December 7, 1867, at Eydkuhnen, Germany. Son of Abraham Elzas. Educated at Jews' College, and University College (B. A.), London, Eng., and University of Toronto (B. A.), Can. M. D., Medical College of the State of South Carolina. Held positions in Toronto, Can., and Sacramento, Cal. Married Annie Samuel, London. Publications: " Sabbath School Companion; " " Jews of South Carolina; " " Judaism, an Exposition." Address: Charleston, S. C.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Davidson-Elzas
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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