Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Cahan- Currick


Cahan, Morris.

Rabbi of Congregation Children of Israel, Augusta, Ga. Rabbi, 1903, Hebrew Union College.

Cahn, David.

Cantor of Temple Rodeph Sholom, New York City. Born in 1852, at Cracow, Austria. Son of Moses Jacob Cahn. Educated at Cracow and Vienna. Diploma conferred by Rabbi Simon Schreiber, Cracow. Came to America in 1871. Was Cantor of Congregation Adath Israel, New York City. Has composed several Jewish services. Address: 72 East 82d, New York City.

Calisch, Edward N.

Rabbi (since 1891) of Congregation Beth Ahaba, Richmond, Va. Born June 23, 1865, at Toledo, Ohio. Son of Henry Calisch and Rebecca Van Norden. Educated at high school, Cincinnati, Ohio; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi); and University of Virginia (M. A.). Rabbi at Peoria, 11l., 1887-1891. Publications: "A Child's Bible" (a school history); "A Book of Prayer; " essays, poems, etc. Address: 1036 West Grace, Richmond, Va.

Caiman, Adolf.

Minister of Congregation Ez Chaim of York ville, New York City. Born February 22, 1839, at Hamburg, Germany. Son of Kalmar Caiman and Betty Friedburg. Educated at Hamburg, Berlin, and Frankfort on the Main. Was Rabbi of Congregations Agudath Jesharim, Atereth Israel, and Beth Israel Bikur Chollm, New York City. Address: 1240 Lexington Av., New York City.

Cantor, I.

Minister of Congregation Anshe Sholem, Canton, Ohio. Born and educated in Poland. Son of Nathan Cantor. Diploma granted by Rabbi Jacob Joseph, New York City. Address: 1014 South Cherry, Canton, Ohio.

Caro, Avigdor.

Rabbi of Congregation B'ne Jeshurun, Milwaukee, Wis. Born September 19, 1856, at Budapest, Hungary. Son of Mordechai Caro. Educated at Gutstadt, Prussia; Talmudlcal College in Poland; and the Hildesheimer Seminary, Berlin. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Is. Caro, Zempelburg, Germany; Rabbi Dr. I. Hildesheimer, Beriin; and Rabbi Streisand, Bromberg. Was Rabbi at Quincy, 1ll., and Philadelphia, Pa. Descended from a family of Rabbis. Address: Milwaukee, Wis.

Chapman, Edward Maurice.

Rabbi and Preacher (since 1900) of Congregation Shaarai Shamayim, Schenectady, N. Y. Born February 20, 1854, at London, Eng. Son of Maurice Chapman. Educated at Jews' College, London. Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, Hartford, Conn., 1878-1880; Temple Israel, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1880-1885; Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, Texas, 1885-1897; and Ansche Chesed, Scranton, Pa., 1897-1900. Address: 1226 State, Schenectady, N. Y.

Cohen, Henry.

Rabbi (since 1888) of Congregation B'nai Israel, Galveston, Texas. Born April 7, 1863. Son of David Cohen. Educated at London, Eng., in the Jews' Hospital, under the Rev. John Chapman; Jews' College Evening Classes, under Dr. Friedlander; and the Beth Hamedrash, under Dayan Spiers. Rabbi of the Amaigamated Congregation of Israelites, Kingston, Jamaica, W. I., 1884-1885; Congregation Beth Israel, Woodville, Miss., 1885-1888. Librarian of Texas Historical Society; and member Executive Boards Jewish Publication Society of America and American Jewish Historical Society, since their establishment. Was member of Central Relief Committee of the Galveston Storm Sufferers. Publications: " Talmudic Sayings;" "Prayer in Bible and Talmud " (translated from the German by Nahida Remy); "Hygiene and Medicine of the Talmud;" "Evolution of Jewish Disability; " "National Loyalty; " contributions to the American Jewish Historical Society; articles in magazines, original and translations from French, German, and Spanish. Address: Galveston, Texas.

Cohen, Julius.

Minister of Congregation Benai Israel, Shamokin, Pa. Born in 1870, in Russia. Son of Isaac Cohen. Educated at Viina, Russia. Held a position in Plymouth, Pa. Address: Shamokin, Pa.

Cohen, Montague N. A.

Rabbi (since 1903) of Temple Beth Israel, Tacoma, Wash. Born May 19, 1877, at London, Eng. Son of Eugene Cohen. Educated at Manchester (Eng.) Jews' School; higher grades Board School; Jews' College, London (graduate); and University College, London (graduate). Rabbi of Temple Emanuel, Victoria, B. C., 1901-1903. Was Assistant Chaplain Wormwood Scrubbs Prison, London. Now Associate Editor of Jewish Tribune. Contributor to English, Canadian, and American press. Address: Tacoma, Wash.

Cohen, Simon Raymond.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Congregation Obef Sholom, Norfolk, Va. Born June 10, 1872, at Detroit, Mich. Son of Solomon Cohen. Educated at Saginaw and Montreal public schools; Fort Wayne and Cincinnati high schools; University of Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Studied mechanical and civil engineering, and worked at practical mechanics for three years. Chaplain during the Spanish-American War. Publication: "Comparative Study of Aristotle and Maimonides." Address: Granby Hotel.

Cohn, Abraham.

Rabbi (since 1902) of Congregation Ansche Israel, Newark, N. J. Born May 25, 1858, in Radin, Government Viina, Russia. Son of Louis M. Conn. Educated at Eiseshok and Viina, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Chaim Widrewitz, Moscow, Russia, and Rabbi Samuel Wein, New York City. Occupied positions in Congregations Ansche Valoisin, New York City, for one year, and Ansche Warsaw, Newark, N. J., for four years. Address: 25 Boyd, Newark, N. J.

Cohn, Frederick.

 Rabbi (since 1896) of Congregation Achduth Vesholom, Fort Wayne, Ind. Born August 24, 1873, at East Attleboro, Mass. Son of Joseph Cohn. Educated at public schools of Providence, R. I.; University of Cincinnati (B. A. and M. A.); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi, Valedictorian). Winner of Phi Beta Kappa Key. Publications: Articles and poems in the Jewish press. Address: 444 Old Fort Place, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Currick, Max C.

Rabbi (since 1901) of Congregation Anshe Chesed, Erie, Pa. Born September 1, 1877, at Boston, Mass. Son of Fishel Currick (Cohen). Educated at public schools of New York City; College of the City of New York; Hebrew Orphan Asylum, New York City; University of .Cincinnati (B. A.); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Rabbi at Fort Smith, Ark., 1898-1901. Address: 18 East 8th, Erie, Pa.


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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Cahan-Currick
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: American Jewish Year Book 5664 edited by Cyrus Adler; by The Jewish Publication Society of America 1903
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