Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors in the U.S. 1903  Bauer-Brown

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Bauer, Sol. H.

Rabbi of Congregation Anshe Emeth, Chicago, Ill. Born January 1, 1863, in Poland. Son of Abraham Jacob Bauer. Educated in
Stettin, Germany. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi I. Trunk, Kutno, Poland. Was Rabbi at Jacobshagen and Wronke, Germany;
Hamilton, Ohio; Schenectady, N. Y.; and of Moses Montefiore Congregation and First Hungarian Congregation, Chicago, 1ll.
Address: 568 N. Lincoln, Chicago, 1ll.

Baum, Solomon.

Cantor (since 1894) of Congregation Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, New York City. Born September 13, 1868, at Sebes, Hungary. Son
of Lazar Baum. Educated at Budapest, Hungary. Cantor's diploma conferred by Professor Moritz Friedman, of the Budapest
Conservatory. Officiated as Cantor in Europe, and as Rabbi and Cantor in Congregation Beth Jacob, Brooklyn, N. Y. Address:
214 East 79th, New York City.

Becker, Ferdinand.

Minister of Congregation Zion, Philadelphia, Pa. Born July 9, 1851, in Bavaria, Germany. Son of Leopold Becker. Graduate of the Seminary of Kaiserslautern, Rhenish Palatinate, Germany. Was Rabbi of Congregation Bene Israel, Keokuk, la., for five years; Rodef Sholom, Wabash, Ind., for five years; Anshai Emeth, Peoria, 1ll., for five years; and Anshai Emeth, Pine Bluff, Ark., for twelve years. Address: 2440 North Garnet, Philadelphia, Pa.

Benjamin, Raphael.

Associate Rabbi (since 1902) of Temple Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, N. Y. Born June 19, 1846, in London, Eng. Son of Elias Benjamin
and Mary Lazarus. Educated at Jews' Free School, London; University of London (B. A.); and University of Melbourne, Australia
(M. A.). Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Dr. Nathan M. Adler, London; Rabbi Samson Rausuk; and Rev. A. L. Green. Doctor of
Jewish Law for Australia (1874). Rabbi of Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, 1874; Mound Street Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1882;
Fifteenth Street Temple, New York City, 1889. Rothschild Scholar, 1860. Associate-Editor Journal of the Cincinnati Society of
Natural History; Governor and Examiner Hebrew Union College; Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science;
Secretary Ninth District of the Charity Organization Society, New York; Secretary New York Board of Jewish Ministers.
Address: 662 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Benmosche, Herman.

Rabbi of Congregation Beth-El, Norfolk, Va. Born Shebat 3, 5618 (1858), at Cairo, Egypt. Educated at Konigsberg, Germany, and
London, Eng. Was Rabbi of Spital Square Synagogue, London. Address: Norfolk, Va.

Bergman Moise.

Rabbi of Congregation Emanuel, Grand Rapids, Mich. Rabbi, 1901, Hebrew Union College.

Berkowitz, Henry.

Rabbi (since 1892) of Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia, Pa. Born March 18, 1857, at Pittsburg, Pa. Son of Louis Berkowitz. Educated at the congregational and public schools of Pittsburg; Cornell University, 1872-1873; at University of Cincinnati (B.L., 1881); and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L., Rabbi, 1883, and D. D.) ; studied law, 1873-1876. Rabbi of Congregations Shaarai Shamayim, Mobile, Ala., 1883-1888, and B'nai Jehudah, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-1892. Founder Public Bureau of Charities, Kansas City, Mo.; founder and Chancellor Jewish Chautauqua Society; first Secretary Central Conference of American Rabbis; Alumni representative upon the Board of Governors Hebrew Union College; first President Alumni Association Hebrew Union College. Publications: "Judaism and the Social Question;" "Union Hebrew Reader" (I and II); " Kiddush or Sabbath Sentiment in the Home;" "The Open Bible" (I and II); "Bible Ethics." Address: 1539 North 33rd, Philadelphia, Pa.

Bernstein, Bernard.

Rabbi of Congregation Anshai Kanes-seth Israel, Chicago, 1ll. Born September 12, 1836, in Russia, and educated there. Son of
David Bernstein. Address: 178 Maxwell, Chicago, 1ll.

Bernstein, Samuel.

Rabbi of Congregation Benai Israel, Ansonia, Conn. Born July 25, 1861, in Russia. Son of Abraham Bernstein. Was Rabbi at Pottsville, Pa. Address: 4 Colburn, Ansonia, Conn.

Blatt, Joseph.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel, Columbus, Ga. Born December 16, 1878, in Hungary. Son of Max Blatt. B. H. L. and Rabbi, Hebrew Union College; B. A. University of Cincinnati. Address: Columbus, Ga.

Bloch, Jacob.

Rabbi (since 1900) of Congregation Emanu-El, Spokane, Wash. Born August 26, 1846, in Bohemia. Son of Moses Bloch. Educated at
Pilsen and University of Prague (M. A.). Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Dr. Saul Isaac Kaempf; Rabbi M. Bloch; and
Rabbi Dr. M. Deutsch. LL. D., Oregon University. Held positions in Pine Bluff, Ark. (to 1872); Little Rock, Ark. (to 1880);
Sacramento, Cal. (to 1884); and Portland, Ore. (to 1900). Address: 1718 Pacific Av., Spokane, Wash.

Bogen, Joseph, LL. D.

Rabbi of Mount Sinai Congregation, Texarkana, Ark. Born in Prussia a little over sixty years ago. Secular education at different schools in Silesia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbis Jacob Landsberg and Hyam Cohen. Was Rabbi in the Congregations of Keokuk, Iowa, and Greenville, Miss. Author of " Meditations for the New Year and Atonement Days." Published (in conjunction with Rabbi George Solomon) "Essays on the Origin of Christianity." Address: Texarkana, Ark.

Bottigheimer, Seymour G.

Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel, Natchez, Miss. Born at Fredericks Hall, Louisa Co., Va.Son of Elias Bottigheimer. B. H. L. and Rabbi, Hebrew Union College; B. A.,University of Cincinnati. Was Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Yeshurun, Des Moines, Iowa. Married Emma Fruhauf, Cincinnati, August 11, 1896. Address: 211 South Commerce,Natchez, Miss.

Braude, Abraham Samuel.

Rabbi of Congregation Ohave Sholem Mariampol, Chicago, 11l. Born August 9, 1851, at Mitau, Courland, Russia. Son of Selig Braude. Educated at the Talmudical College of Mitau. Rabbinical diploma granted by Rabbi Hirsch Rabinowitz, Kovno, Russia. Was Rabbi at Mitau. Came to America in 1891. Publication: "Beth Abraham," commentary on Talmud and Midrash. Address: 146 Johnson, Chicago, 11l.

Braunfeld, Julius.

Cantor of Temple Sinai, New Orleans, La.Born July 17, 1863, at Sajo Szt. Peter, Hungary. Son of Ignacz Braunfeld. Educated at Budapest and Vienna. Was Cantor of Temple Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, N. Y., and of Temple B'ne Jeshurun, Milwaukee, Wis. Address: 1432 Octavia, New Orleans, La.

Breuner, Nathan.

Rabbi of Congregation Bnei Israel, Philadelphia,Pa. Born July, 1860, in Russia. Son of Solomon Breuner.Educated at Kovno, Russia. Rabbinical diploma conferred by Rabbi Abraham M. Rabinowitz. Held a position in Russia.Came to America in 1893. Publication: "Hopes of Israel" (Hebrew). Address: 2853 Weikel, Philadelphia, Pa.

Brill, Abram.

Rabbi of Hebrew Union Congregation, Greenville. Miss. Born May 18, 1876, at Ogdensburg, N. Y. Son of Mordecai Joseph Brill and Lottie Tumim. Educated at Syracuse grammar schools; Rochester and Cincinnati high schools; University of Cincinnati (B. A.) ; and Hebrew Union College (B. H. L. and Rabbi). Was Rabbi of Congregation Beth El, Helena, Ark.Address: 519 Washington Av., Greenville, Miss.

Brodsky, Hyman.

Rabbi (since 1899) of Congregation Anshe Russia, Newark, N. J. Born August 11, 1852, in Bielostok, Russia.Son of Noah Brodsky. Educated at Talmudical Colleges of Sionim and Volosin, Russia. Rabbinical diplomas conferred by Rabbi Hirsch Leb Berlin, Volosin; Rabbi Jacob Widrewitz, Moscow; Rabbi B. L. Levinthal, Philadelphia, Pa.; and Rabbi Samuel Wein, New York. Held positions in New York City (1889); Philadelphia, Pa. (1893); and Cleveland, Ohio (1897). Was instrumental in establishing Sheltering Homes, Talmud Torah Schools, Free Schools, Free Libraries, Building Associations Loan Associations, Chevra Kadisha, and Zionist Societies in New York City, Philadelphia, Pa., Cleveland, Ohio, Newark, N.J., Providence, R.I., and Troy, N.Y. Founder and editor of the Stadtzeitung, Philadelphia, and contributor to the press. Address: 91 Broome, Newark, N.J. Loan Associations, Chevra Kadisha, and Zionist Societies in New York City, Philadelphia, Pa., Cleveland, Ohio, Newark, N. J., Providence, R. I., and Troy, N. Y. Founder and editor of the Stadtzeitung, Philadelphia, and contributor to the press. Address: 91 Broome, Newark, N. J.

Bromson, Abraham.

Rabbi (since 1882) of Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, Omaha, Neb. Born and educated in Russia. Son of Heyman Bromson. Rabbinical diploma received from Rabbi Hy man. Address: 1110 South 13th, Omaha, Neb.

Brown, A, "B. J.

Rabbi of Congregation Shaarey Zedek, San Francisco, Cal. Born June 12, 1854, at Posen, Prussia. Son of Joseph Brown. Rabbinical diploma awarded by Rabbis N. Streisand, Elkan Cohen, and Henry Vidaver. Held positions in Seattle, Wash., and San Jose and Oakland, Cal. Address: 1483 O'Farrell, San Francisco, Cal.

Brown, Wolf.

Cantor (since 1888) of Congregation Mount Zion, New York City. Born December 14, 1858, at Lomzha, Russia. Son of
Boruch Meyer Brown and Sarah Brzoza. Educated at Warsaw, Poland. Address: 26 East 106th, New York City.

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Article Name: Biographical Sketches of Rabbis and Cantors  in the U.S. 1903 Bauer-Brown
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