List of Banks in the City of New York 1876 A-F


American Exchange:
128 Broadway. Capital, $5,000,000. Organized, 1838. Reorganized 1865 as a National Bank. George S. Coe, Pres.; Edmond Willson, Cashier; Dumont Clarke, Ass't Cashier. (National Bank)

Bank of America:
46 Wall street. Chartered 1812. Reorganized, 1853, Capital, $3,000,000. Wm. L. Jenkins, Pres.; Robert Jaffrey, Cashier. (State Bank)

Bank of Commerce:
Nassau cor. of Cedar. Capital, $10,000,000. Organized, 1839. Robert Lenox Kennedy, President; George T. Adel, Vice-Pres.; Henry F. Vail, Cashier; Richard King, Ass't Cashier. (National)

Bank of New York:
48 Wall street. Organized, June 9th 1784. Incorporated 1791. Renewed 1831. Reorganized in 1853. Capital, $3,000,000. Charles M. Fry, Pres.; Henry Oothout, Vice-President; Richard B.Ferris, Cashier. (National)

Bank of North America:
44 Wall street. Incorporated in 1851. Reorganized,1869. Capital, $1,000,000.Wiliam Dowd, Pres. ; J. A. Beardsley, Cashier. (State Bank)

Bank of the Metropolis:
31 Union Square. Organized, 1871. Capital,500,000. Robert Schell, Pres. ; Geo.M.Groves,Vice-Pres. ; Theo. Rogers,Cashier. (State Bank)

Bank of the Republic: (National Bank)
Wall cor. Broadway. Organized, 1851. Capital,$2,000,000. R. H. Lowry, Pres. ; H. W.Ford, Cashier.

Bank of the State of New York:
33 William street. Incorporated, 1836. Reorganized, 1865. Capital, $2,000,000. G. W. Duer, Pres.; Richard Patrick, Vice-Pres. ; Charles B. Van Wyck, Cashier.   (National)

Bowery:   (National Bank)
62 Bowery. Organized, 1865. Capital, $250,000. Henry P. Degraaf, Pres.; R. Hamilton, Cashier.

237 Broadway. Organized, 1849. Capital, $1,000,000. F. A. Palmer, Pres. ; Charles Burkhalter, Vice-Pres.; John L. Everitt, Cashier. (National)

Bull's Head:   (State Bank)
340 Third Avenue. Organized 1854. Capital, $300,000. James E. Kelley, Pres.: A.S. Cameron, Vice Pres., George F. Vail, Cashier.

Butchers and Drover's:    (National Bank)
124 Bowery. Incorporated in 1830. Reorganized in 1853. Capital, $500,000. Robert P. Perrin, Pres. ; G. G. Brinkerhoff, Cashier.

Central:   (National Bank)
320 Broadway. Organized, 1864. Capital, $2,000,000. W.A. Wheelock, Pres. Wm. M. Bliss, Vice-Pres.; Edward Skillin, Cashier.

Chatham: (National Bank)
196 Broadway. Organized. Capital, $450,000. Jos. M. Cooper, Pres.; H.W. Belcher, Vice-Pres.; George M. Hard, Cashier.

Chemical: (National Bank)
270 Broadway. Incorporated in 1824. Reorganized, 1844. Capital, $300,000. John Q. Jones, Pres.; George G. Williams, Cashier.

401 Broadway. Organized,1851. Capital, $600,000. Sylvester R. Comstock, Pres. ; W. H. Oakley, Cashier. (National Bank)

52 Wall street. Incorporated in 1812. Reorganized, 1851. Capital,$1,000,000. Moses Taylor; Pres.; B. Cartwright, Cashier. (National Bank)

7 Nassau street. Organized,1853. Reorganized in 1865. Capital, $1,500,000. Charles Bard,
Pres. John T. Agnew, Vice-Pres. ; W. J. Harris, Cashier. (National Bank)

Corn Exchange:
13 William street. Organized, 1852. Capital, $1,000,000. Wm. A. Falls, Pres. ; Wm. A. Nash, Cashier. (State Bank)

Dry Goods:
345 Broadway. Organized,1871. Capital, $1,000,000. Wm.P. Brintnall, Pres. ; Arthur W. Sherman,
Cashier. (State Bank)

East River:
682 Broadway. Organized,1852, reorganized, 1865 ; capital, $350,000 ; Charles Jenkins, President ; Z. E. Newell, Cashier. (National Bank)

Eleventh Ward:
Avenue D, corner East Tenth street. Organized, 1867 ;capital, $200,000 ; John Englis, President ; C. E. Brown, Cashier. (State Bank)

Fifth Avenue
Fifth avenue, corner Forty- fourth street. Organized, 1875 ; capital, $100,000; Philip Van Vol kenburgh, President ; John H. Sherwood, Vice-President ; A. S. Frissell, Cashier.

First National:
94 Broadway. Organized, 1863 ; capital, $500,000 ; S. C. Thompson, President; George F. Baker, Cashier. (National Bank)

Fifth National:
Third avenue, near Twenty-seventh street. Organized, ; capital, $150,000 ; Richard Kelley, President; A. Thompson, Cashier. (National Bank)

Fourth National:
Nassau, corner Pine street. Organized, 1864 ; capital, $5,000,000 ; P. C. Calhoun, President ; John M. Firman, Vice-President ; Anthony Lane, Cashier. (National Bank)

Fulton, corner Pearl. Incorporated, 1824, reorganized, 1865 ; capital, $500,000 ; Thos. Monahan, President ; R. M. Buchanan, Cashier. (National Bank)


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Article Name: List of Banks in the City of New York 1876 A-F
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: New York As It Was and As It Is; Giving An Account of the City From Its Settlement to the Present Time: Compiled by John Disturnell, published by D. Van Nostrand-New York 1876.
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