Successful New York Men of 1913  Kellogg-Kneeland



Kellogg, Edward Leland; born Homer, Cortland County, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1872; parents, William A. and Chloe I. (Churchill) Kellogg; unmarried; educated Homer Acad.; Coll. Social Economics; graduated Coll. Phys. and Surgs. (Columbia Univ.), 1895; lie. New York State; deg. M.D.; received Harzen price, Coll. Phys. and Surgs.; post-grad. N.Y. Polyclinic; N.Y. Post-Graduate; N.Y. Sch. Clinical Med.; interne Bellevue Hosp., 1908-09; resident phys. Minturn Hosp., 1900-02; formerly associate med. director Liberty Life Ins- Co.; examiner for Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.; prof. internal med. N.Y. Sch. Clinical Med.; clinical prof. dis. of digestive tract Polyclinic Med. Sch.; assoc. att. surg. Gouverneur Hosp.; asst. vist. phys. Minturn Hosp.; asst. att. phys. N.Y. Polyclinic Hosp.; vis. phys. and chief of clinic. West Side German Disp.; chief clinic N.Y. Polyclinic Disp.: mem. Acad Med.; A.M.A.; N.Y. State Med. Assoc.; Med. Soc., County of N.Y.; Med. Assoc. Greater City N.Y.; phys. Mutual Aid Assoc.; Eastern Med. Soc., City N.Y.; Clinical' Soc. N.Y. Polyclinic Med. Seh. and Hosp.; Soc. Moral and Social Prophylaxis; Clinical Soc., N.Y. Sch. Clinical Med.; Soc. Alumni Bell. Hosp.; Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science. Author: Suprarenal Gland in Urethral Surg.; Quarantine and Disinfection at Scarlet Fever Hosp.; Treatment of Scarlet Fever; Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria Hosp.; Review of the Treatment of Inflammatory Conditions of the Throat by Irrigation and Description of a New Irrigator Tip; Methods of Gastric Analysis; Hyperstehnic Gastritis; Hypersthesia Gastrica; Delayed Evacuation of the Stomach; Causes and Differential Diagnosis; Personal Observations in the Treatment of
Gastroptosis; Regular; specialty, dis. digestive tract (surgical). Residence and office: 48 W. 51st St., N.Y.; 9-11 a. m. and by appointment.

Kent, Charles Sumner, business man; born Buffalo, N.Y., Feb. 6, 1873; son of William M. and Susan E. (Phillips) Kent. Educated in public schools, Buffalo, N.Y.; studied architecture in an architect's office four years; spent six months abroad studying architecture. Married Josephine MacPherson. 1901, at Buffalo, N.Y. In employ Barber Asphalt Paving Co., since June, 1892; Supt. at Buffalo and Western New York; Dist. Mgr., Cal., Ariz., Nev., and N.M., 1904-06; Pac. Coast Mgr. since 1906. Clubs: California, Gamut, Los Angeles Athletic, Union League, San Francisco. Residence: 2405 6th Ave. Office: 1011 Central Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

Kernan, Walter N., lawyer; born in Utica, N.Y., March 20, 1864; son of Francis Kernan and Hannah (Devereux) Kernan. He was graduated from Georgetown College in 1885 and is a member of the firm of Kernan and Kernan, Utica, N.Y.; also vice-president and general counsel of New York State Railways. He is also a member of the University. Racquet and Tennis and Midday Clubs of New York City. Office address: Grand Central Terminal. N.Y. City; Devereaux Block, Utica, N.Y.

Kinsella, M. Joseph, publisher of 810 Mutual Life Building, Buffalo, N.Y., was born in 1868 in Medina, N.Y. He was graduated from the Buffalo State Normal School in 1894; and the Cornell University in 1900; was then admitted to the New York State Bar the same year. Practiced law for a short time in Buffalo', N.Y. Later went into the publishing line, and is founder and president of The Frontier Press Company of Buffalo.

Klock. Jay E., newspaper publisher; born Hammond, St. Lawrence County, N.Y., February 14. 1864; son of Rev. Nellis and Lovina I. (Ottman) Klock; educated under his father's instruction for the most part; attended Albany Boys' Acad., but was not graduated; married, Farmington, N.Y., Oct. 8, 1890, Ina G. Chilson; New York City, Aug. 15, 1911, Louise M. Rice. At the age of 21, became a member editorial staff Albany Evening Journal; in 1889, purchased controlling interest in Little Falls Daily Times; in 1891, sold same and purchased the Kingston Daily Freeman, which has since successfully conducted, also developing large job printing business. Republican. Clubs: Republican, Lotos. Address, 3-9 Broadway. Kingston. N.Y.

Kneeland, Andrew Delos, lawyer; born Binghampton. N.Y., May 6, 1863; son Andrew Jackson and Lucy Adaline (Parker) Kneeland; educated Augusta (N.Y.) Acad., Colgate Acad. (Hamilton, N.Y.), grad. 1884 (honors), Madison Univ., Hamilton, N.Y., A.B., 1888; married April 21, 1887, Martha H. Seymour; children: Joy Pauline, born 1891; Belle Genevieve, born 1893. Admitted to all courts of record of state, 1888, at Syracuse, to Federal Court later, and to U.S. Supreme Court, I900; senior mem. law firm of Kneeland, Files and Reese. City attorney of Rome, N.Y., 1891-96; partner of Judge Isaac J. Evans, county judge of Oneida
County, several years; later of the Hon. Howard C. Wiggins of Rome, N.Y., and of Hon. John C. Evans of Rome, N.Y., several years. Removed and came to N.Y. City, 1902. Republican; Unitarian. Mason, .32 degree K.T., and all Masonic bodies; past master and past commander. Member of N.Y. State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Bar Association of the City of New York, and N.Y. County Lawyers' Association; also several clubs. Residence: 220 W. 98th St. Address: 115 Broadway, N.Y. City.


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BIBLIOGRAPHY: Builders of Our Nation Men of 1913 (Men of Nineteen-Thirteen) Chicago, Ill. (1914)
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