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Gittins, Robert H., Democrat, of Niagara Falls. N.Y., was born in Oswego, N.Y., December 14. 1869, the eldest of a family of six, and the son of a Civil War veteran; left school at an early age and for 13 years was employed in commercial life in connection with the lumber, grain and cereal trades; in 1897 entered the law department of the University of Michigan, graduating as an LL.B. in 1900, and in that year was admitted to the practice of law in the states of Michigan and New York; since 1901 has been engaged in the practice of law in the city of Niagara Falls, N.Y.; was married in June, 1908, and resides at 548 Fifth street in said city; in the fall of 1910 was elected to the New York state senate, in which body he served until January 1, 1913, being a member of the following committees: finance, cities, codes, taxation and retrenchment, affairs of villages, and chairman of the committee on public education; was a delegate from the fortieth New York district to the Democratic national convention held at Baltimore in June, 1912; was elected to the sixty-third congress, receiving 15,935 votes, to 14.471 for James S. Simmons, Republican, 9.890 for Frank C. Ferguson, Progressive, 1,236 for James F. Ryan, Socialist, and 639 for W. Van R. Blighton, Prohibitionist.

Going, Charles Buxton, editor; born Westchester, N.Y., April 5, 1863; son Charles Henry and Eliza (Buxton) Going; educated public schools, N.Y.; graduated grammar school 35, M. W. Lyon and M. R. Hooper private schools, Yonkers high school, Columbia University., Ph.B., 1882; M.S., 1910; married Glendale, Ohio., 1887, Mary Evelyn Thompson (deceased); married second, Hartford, Conn., Dec. 18, 1912, Marie Overton Corbin. Engaged in professional practice 1882-87; director and manager various manufacturing companies, 1887-96; trustee, secretary and treasurer Glendale (Ohio) Water Works, 1892-96; associate editor, 1896-98, managing editor, 1898-1912, editor and vice- president since 1912, of The Engineering Magazine, N.Y. and London. Author: Summer Fallow (poems), 1892; Star Glow and Song (poems), 1909; Methods of the Santa Fe (Engineering Magazine), 1909; Principles of Industrial Engineering (McGraw Hill Book Co.), 1911; also, with Marie O. Corbin, Urchins of the Sea, 1900; Urchins at the Pole, 1901; contributor to literary and technical periodicals. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, corr. member Canadian Mining Institute, member American Academy Political and Social Science. Trustee Home for Old Men and Aged Couples. Clubs: Salmagundi, Columbia University. Address: 140 Nassau St., N.Y. City.

Green, George E., manufacturer and wholesale coal dealer of Binghamton, N.Y., was born Aug. 30. 1858, in Kirkwood, N.Y. He was mayor of Binghamton five consecutive years; senator from the 38th district two terms. He is vice-president Binghamton Railway Company. International Dime Recording Company. Member Committee on 1,000-Ton Barge Canal, that reported in favor present canal under construction.

Gregg, William Henry, retired manufacturer, was born March 24, 1831, in Palmyra, N.Y.; educated in public schools of Rochester, N.Y., to 1845; removed to St. Louis, 1846; married, Nov. 21, 1855, Orian Thompson, of St. Louis. President Southern White Lead Company, of St. Louis and Chicago, 1867-89. until it was sold. President Gregg Genealogical Company. Author of "Where. When and How to Catch Fish on the East Coast of Florida" and "Controversial Issues in Scottish History."

Griffith, Frederick Winter, manufacturer; born Phelps. N.Y., Dec. 17, 1858; son of John Watson and Charlotte (Malette) Griffith; graduated from Hamilton Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1886; married, Phelps, Oct. 1, 1889, Mary E. Adams; children: Frederick A., born 1894; Henry W., born 1896. Treas. and vice-president Garlock Packing Co. (large corporation doing business throughout U.S. and in foreign countries) ; has traveled extensively abroad; elected trustee Hamilton Coll., 1907; mem. State Assembly, 1900-02; state senator, 1910-11-12; presidential elector on Republican ticket, 1894; has held many small civil and political offices; president Palmyra Printing Co. Presbyterian. Mason and mem. Zenobia Commandery K. T., Palmyra, N.Y. Address: Palmyra, N.Y.

Grossman, Moses H., lawyer of New York City, where he was born Feb. 18, 1873. He edited The Arena, and was elected president of the Empire State Amateur Press Association. He is now senior member of the law firm of House. Grossman & Vohaus. He is director the First Mortgage Title and Insurance Company of New Jersey and other corporations. He is a member of numerous clubs and societies, and greatly interested in philanthropic work.


Hahl, Arthur O.; born Buffalo, N.Y.. May 27, 1881; parents Charles F. and Christina C. Brinkman; married Mildred C. Crouch. Oct. 20, 1909; educated in public schools; Masten Park High School; graduated from Univ. of Buffalo. 1908; lie. New York same year; deg. M.D.; post-grad. Univ. of Buffalo; house physician Hom. Hosp.. 1908-09; mem. Gross Med. Club. Regular residence and office: Clarence, N.Y. Hours: 9 a. m., 13 and 7 p. m. Bell tel.

Hamilton, Charles M., United States congressman from the forty- third district of New York, was born Jan. 23, 1874, in Ripley, N.Y. He is a farmer and oil producer; and has been a member of the state senate, He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Ripley, N.Y.

Hammitt. Joseph Otis, secretary of the Citizens' Union of New York City; born Kingston, N.Y., Aug. 6, 1883; son Joseph and Mary (Craig) Hammitt; educated public schools through academic courses; uncompleted courses in N.Y. Law School; unmarried. Connected with various newspapers in N.Y. City, mainly Brooklyn Times and N.Y. Evening Post; served as Washington (D.C.) correspondent, Albany (N.Y.) correspondent, traveling political and sp'l correspondent; visited Martinique and St. Vincent at time of volcanic disturbances in 1902, gave description of eruptions of Mt. Pelee and Mt. Soufriere in Brooklyn Times; ass't sec. N.Y. Public Service Commission for the First Dist., 1907; legislative ag't Citizens Union of N.Y. City, 1908, 1909, 1910. Sec. Citizens Union of N.Y. City, 1910. 1911, 1912; in charge of literary bureau of Citizens Com. of One Hundred in New York City Campaign of 1909, and literary bureaus independent political organizations in other N.Y. City and N.Y. State campaigns. Sec. Legislative Voters Ass'n. Clubs: City, Union League (Brooklyn).

Harris, Albert Hall, lawyer of New York City; born Rochester, N.Y., July 4, 1861; son of Edward and Emma L. (Hall) Harris; graduated from University of Rochester, A.B., 1881; married, Watkins, N.Y., Dec. 13, 1887, Hebe" Magee Beach. Vice-president Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company, Michigan Central Railroad Company, Cleveland, Cincinnati. Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company, Chicago, Indiana & Southern Railroad Company; general counsel of New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company; director Merchants' Dispatch Transportation Company, Rochester Railway Company. Trustee University of Rochester.

Harris, Miriam Coles, author; born Dosoris, L.I., N.Y., July 7, 1834; daughter of Butler Coles and Julia Anne (Weeks) Coles; a granddaughter of General Nathaniel Coles and a direct descendant of the Rev. Francis Doughty, the first patroon of Newtown and Flushing, and who first preached in English on the Island of Manhattan; educated St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, N.J., and Mme. Conda's School, New York City"; married, 1864, Sidney S. Harris (died 1892); children: Sidney (Columbia, '87). Nathalie. Her only grandchild is Katharine Harris, who married John Barrymore on Sept. 1, 1910. Author: "Rutledge," 1860; "The Sutherlands," 1862; "St. Philip's"; "Frank Warrington"; "Richard Vandermarek"; "A Perfect Adonis"; "Happy-go-Lucky"; "Missy"; "Phoebe"; "An Utter Failure," 1892; "A Chit of Sixteen, and Other Stories"; "Round-hearths"; "Louie's Last Term at St. Mary's"; "Rosary for Lent"; "Dear Feast of Lent"; "A Corner of Spam." 1898; "The Tents of Wickedness," 1907 (Appleton), etc. Address: Care Sidney Harris, Union Club, New York City, or Hottinguer & Cien, Paris, France.

Hegel, George White, chief engineer Chicago Junction Ry. Office, Chicago, Ill. Born Dec. 19. 1870, at Peekskill, N.Y. Educated' in public and private schools which included an engineering course. Entered railway service May, 1900, as draftsman, Baltimore & Ohio Rd. at Cleveland, Ohio, since which he has been consecutively, Jan., 1901, to Oct., 1901, transitman maintenance of way department Pittsburgh division same road, Oct., 1901, to May 1, 1902, assistant engineer Connellsville division same road; May 1, 1902, to June 15, 1903, assistant chief engineer Indiana Harbor Rd.; June 15, 1903. to Sept. 1, 1911, principal assistant engineer Chicago Junction Ry.; Sept. 1, 1911, to date, chief engineer same road.

Hervey, Alpheus Baker, Bath, Me. Botany. Born Triangle, N.Y., March 31, 1839. Graduated theol, dept. St. Lawrence, 1861; hon. A.M., St. Lawrence. 1878, hon. Ph.D., 1887; A.M., Tufts, 1883. Pastor Universalist Church, Malone, N.Y., 1861-62; Afton, N.Y., 1862-64; South- bridge, Mass., 1864-66; Peabody, Mass., 1866-72; Troy, N.Y., 1872-79; Taunton, Mass., 1879-88; pres. St. Lawrence, 1888-94; pastor Universalist Church, Bath, Me., 1896-1909. Lecturer St. Lawrence; trustee various pub. institutions. F.A.A.: Troy Sci. Soc. Member of Bibliophil. Soc. of Boston. Cryptogamic bota iv; marine Algae; vegetable histology.

Hickey, D. W., vice-prudent and general manner Wyoming & Missouri River Rd. Office: Aladdin, Wyo. Born Oct. 24, 1867, at Dalton, N.Y. Educated in the common schools at Dalton. Entered railway service 1880 as water boy New York. Lake Erie & Western Rd., since which he has been consecutively, June, 1883, to Nov. 30, 1887, trackman; Jan. 15, 1888, to Sept. 10, 1888, telegraph operator Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. at Peckville, Pa.; Sept. 10, 1888, to March 1, 1895, storekeeper Moosic Mountain Coal Co.; March 1, 1S95, to Oct. 22, 1900, bookkeeper same company; Oct. 22, 1900, to date, general manager Wyoming & Missouri River Rd.: Oct. 1, 1906, to date, also vice-president same road.

Hirschberg, Michael Henry, jurist; born Newburgh, N.Y., April 12, 1847; son Henry and Fanny (Francks) Hirschberg; graduated Newburg Free Academy, 18U2; married at New York City, March Hi, 1878, Lizzie McAlles; children: Harry, born 1879, Stuart, born 1885, Frances, born 1887, Scott, born 1893. Practiced at Newburgh until elected justice of Supreme Court; member Newburgh board of education, 1871-8.'!; special county judge of Orange County, 1875-78; district attorney of Orange County, 1889-95; state delegate to constitutional convention, 18!)4; elected justice Supreme Court of State of New York, 1896; assigned to appellate division. 2nd department, Brooklyn, 1900; appointed presiding justice January, 1904, for term expiring Dec. 1910; re-elected justice Supreme Court of State of New York, November, 1910, and re-assigned to appellate division. 2nd department, Brooklyn, January, 1911. Clubs: Republican, Manhattan. Lawyers', Hamilton, Powellton. Newburgh City, etc.

Hughes, Charles Evans, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, was born April 11, 1862. in Glens Falls, N.Y. From 1884 he practiced law in New York City. In 1907-10 he served two terms as governor of the State of New York. Since 1910 he has been associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States at Washington, D.C.

Ingalsbe, Frank Richmond, ideologist and engineer of Missoula, Mont.. was born Aug. 23, 1878. in Oakfield, N.Y. He graduated from Middle- bury College in 1903; Mars Inst. Technology, 1906. He has been assistant professor of geology at Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa., 1906-11; geologist at Bethlehem Steel Co.. 1910-11. He is mineral examiner of the United States Department of Agriculture, Missoula, Mont. He is a member of the American Inst. Mining Engineers: American Association for Adv. of Science; member National Geographic Society.

Ingersoll, Raymond V., lawyer, was born April 3, 1875, in Corning. N.Y. In 1897 he graduated from Amherst College with the degree of B.A.; and in 1900 graduated from the New York Law School with the degree of LL.B. In 1900 he was elected city magistrate, and in 1906-07 was counsel to the registrar of Kings County. New York. Was campaign manager for Fusion Committee of 100 in New York City campaign of 1909. He .is a director in the United Neighborhood Guild. Legal Aid Society, National Municipal League and is also a member of the Reform Club and of the City Club.

Jefferson, Rufus C., lumberman, St. Paul, Minn., a native of Gainesville, N.Y., where he was born, April 24, 1843, is a son of Cyrus Jefferson, a successful business man. His Welsh and English forefathers settled in Rutland, Vt. The young man attended school in Buffalo and Geneseo, N.Y., and hurried to the field of battle in 1862, in Co. A, 1st N.Y. Dragoons, serving until the end of the Civil War. The old soldiers scattered all over the country after the War and Mr. Jefferson settled in Woodstock, 1ll., engaging in the lumber business and renaming there seventeen years, meanwhile serving as mayor of Woodstock from 1872 to 1874. Mr. Jefferson inherited from his father some means, but what was of more importance, as his business career denoted, his indomitable energy, ability and sterling character. It was in Woodstock that Mr. Jefferson married, in January, 1868, Miss Genevieve C. Church, and this happy union has brought them seven children, Cyrus C., Rufns W., Lawrence C., Dora A., Genevieve C., Archibald A. and Helen Jefferson. The oldest and the youngest have since died. In 1883, Mr. Jefferson removed to St. Paul and in the firm of Jefferson & Kasson, proprietors of a large area of pine lands and lumber merchants, he has grown to prosperity. Dealings in city and agricultural real estate have to some extent engaged his attention, and he has not only succeeded in business but gained the respect of the community. Philanthropic and a Presbyterian, he has aided liberally the benevolent institutions of St. Paul and served as director of The Young Men's Christian Association and one of the three Commissioners of the Million Dollar Fund of the Northwest for maintenance of disabled and retired ministers. Prosperity has not changed him, and he is yet, as ever, a genial, unassuming and attractive man.

Jones, Edwin Artimus, lawyer of New York City; born Lisbon, N.Y., May 27, 1872; son Artimus and Sarah A. (Randies) Jones; educated public schools and Ogdensburg (N.Y.), Free Acad.; married N.Y. City, Sept. 8, 1902, Mabel Evelyn Gardner; one son: Artimus Whitaker, born Nov. 12, 1905. Practicing law since Feb., 1894; now mem. law firm of Nadal, Jones & Mowtou. Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N.Y., Soc. Med. Jurisprudence. Mason, Odd Fellow; mem. West End Ass'n, St. David's Soe. Clubs: Republican (sec. 1901), Patria pres. (1907-8). Residence: 251 W. 92nd St.

Joslyn, Lee E., attorney and referee in bankruptcy of Detroit Mich.; born Darien, Genesee County, N.Y., July 23, 1864. Prosecu-ing attorney of Bay County, city attorney of Bay City, commissioner of schools. Referee in bankruptcy. Practiced law at Bay City, 1886-1910. Taught school at Dryden, Otisvil'le and Bay City, Mich., 1881-86.

Judson, William Pierson
, civil engineer of Broadalbin, N.Y., was born May 20, 1849, in Oswego, N.Y. In 1870-99 he was United States civil assistant engineer on forts, rivers and harbors; in 1899-1905 was deputy state engineer of New York; and is now practicing as consulting engineer. He is president of the Broadalbin 'Electric Light and Power Company and a director of the Broadalbin Improvement Company and other corporations. He is the author of City Roads and Pavements; Road Preservation and Dust Prevention; and other works.


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