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Clute, Willard Nelson, editor, educator; born at Painted Post, New York. Feb. 26. 1809; son of George N. and Ruth A. (Wright) Clute. He was educated in the public schools and at the University of Chicago. Hp was editor and founder of "The Ornithologist" and "Botanist," in 1890; "The Fern Bulletin" in 1893, and "The American Botanist" in 1901. He was publisher of "The Bryologist" and "Plant World" and originally half owner of each. He was curator of the New York Botanical Garden, from 1896 to 1899, and made a botanical expedition to Jamaica in 1900. Mr. Clute was instructor in biology at the Joliet Township (Illinois) high school 1903 to 1910. and is now head of biology in the Flower Technical High School for Girls of Chicago, and is president of Willard N. Clute & Company, Joliet. Illinois. He was founder and first president of the American Fern Society, and was later its secretary; is a member of the National Geographic Society, and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His favorite recreations are botany, ornithology and entomology. He is author of: "Our Ferns in Their Haunts." 1902; "Fern Allies of North America," 1905; "Flora of Upper Susquehanna," 1898; "Fern Collector's Guide," 1903; "Laboratory Botany for the High School," 1909; "Agronomy," 1912; "Laboratory Manual and Notebook in Botany," 1912: and also many short papers, including: "Ferns of Upper Susquehanna," and "Making an Herbarium." Mr. Clute married at Binghamton, New York, December 22, 1897, Ida Martin, and they have one daughter, Buelah Katharine, born in 1900. Address: Joliet. Illinois.

Cobb, Charles Newell, inspector in State Educational Department; born Newfield. Tompkins County, N.Y., January 3, 1853; son of William Newell and Harriet Eliza (Goss) Cobb; ancestors on both sides were in French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812; attended Norwich (N.Y.) Academy, Jordan (N.Y.) Academy, Onesonta (N.Y.) Union School, Wyoming Seminary (Kingston, Pa.) ; graduated in classical course. Cazenovia Seminary, 1873, and from Svracuse University. A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) 1877, A.M., 1880; married Palatine Bridge, N.Y., August 14, 1889, Elizabeth Snell; children: Mary Elizabeth, born June 15, 1891; Ruth Newell, born May 24, 1895 (died 'in August 12. 1896); Lois Harriet, born October 8, 1808. Traveled in Europe, 1877; principal Lisle (N.Y.) Union School, 1870, Macona, N.Y. Union School, 1880: vice-principal Greenwich Academy. East Greenwich, R.I., 1881: principal Palatine Bridge Union School, 1882-87; Waterford schools, 1887; superintendent (first) Waterford schools, 1888; teacher of science, State Normal School. Oneonta, N.Y., 1889-93; examiner in University of State of N.Y., 1S93-94; inspector in University of State of N.Y., 1894-1904; in State Educational Department since 1904. Republican. Member and trustee Trinity M. E. Church. Member National Educational Association, State Teachers' Association, Associated Academic Principals, N.Y. State Science Teachers' Association, Hudson River Schoolmasters' Club, Council of City and Village Superintendents, Psi Upsilon; Mason; Auvania Club.

Cook, Frederick Albert, born, Callicoon Depot, N.Y., June 10, 1865; parents Dr. Theodore A. and Magdaline (Long) Cook; married Marie Fidele; children: Ruth and Helen; educated Univ. N.Y.; grad. M.D. from same; lie. N.Y.; deg. Ph.D., Univ. Copenhagen; received various medals for geographic explorations; Hon. mem. Kings Co. Med. Soc.; organizer and leader of the Zeta Arctic Exp., 1893; N.Y. surg. Peary Arctic Exp., 1891-92; organizer and leader Miranda Arctic Exp., 1894; surg. Belgian Antartic Exp., 1897-99; surg. Peary Arctic Exp., 1901; organizer and leader Mt. McKinley Exp., K03; Mt. McKinley Exp., 1906; organizer and leader exp. North Pole. 1907-09; has written many papers on the results of polar exploration. Author: Through the First "Antartic Night; To the Top of the Continent; My Attainment of the Pole. Dr. Cook's success in reaching the North Pole was disputed by Com. Peary and his friends. An early academic examination of both claims brought out the statement that since but one competent observer was present in each expedition, there could be no positive proof that the pole had been reached. This negative verdict opened the way to a world-wide controversy. In the U.S. the question became a political issue. Com. Peary was finally promoted as a rear- admiral and retired on a pension of $6,000 per year, but in this bill the words "Discoverer of the Pole" were eliminated. The European Geog. Socs., in giving Peary medals, also refused to give him credit as the discoverer of the North Pole. "In the later reexamination of the entire problem Captain E. B. Baldwin, Rear-Admiral W. S. Schley, Gen. A. W. Greeley and fifty-two of the world's foremost explorers have conceded that Dr. Cook reached the pole 350 days before Com. Peary claims to have been there." Address: 601 Steinway Hall, Chicago.

Cook, John Williston, Normal school president; born. Oneida County, New York, April 20, 1844; son Harry DeWitt and Joanna (Hall) Cook; graduated Illinois State Normal University. 1865 (A.M., Knox. 1891; LL.D., Blackburn, 1896; U. of Illinois, 1904); married Lydia Farnham Spofford, of North Andover, Mass., Aug. 26, 1867. Principal public schools, Brimfield. Illinois. 1805-6; teacher Illinois State Normal U., 1866- 90; president same, 1890-99 president Northern Illinois State Normal School, DeKalb, since July 1. 1899. Lecturer on educational subjects since 1870; editor and publisher Illinois Schoolmaster, 1874-76 (with E. T. Hewett); same of Illinois School Journal, 1883-86 (with R. R. Reeder). President Illinois State Teachers' Association, 1880, of Normal Department N.E.A., 1896, of N.E.A., 1904. Author: Normal series of arithmetics (with Miss N. Cropsoy), 1892; History of Education in Illinois, 1912. Contributor to educational periodicals. Address: DeKalb, 1ll.

Cooke, Walter Platt, lawyer of Buffalo. N.Y., where he was born April 28, 1869; son Josiah P. and Alice A. (Baker) Cooke; editor Buffalo High School, Cornell University, LL.B., 1891; married Buffalo, N.Y., May Louise Perry; children: Katharine, born 1897; Carlton, born 1898. Engaged in practice of law from 1891; member of law firm of Kenefink, Cooke and Mitchell. Director Depew Lake Em. Water Company, Western N.Y. Water Company, People's Bank of Buffalo, Buffalo General Electric Company. Buffalo Abstract and Title Company, Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway Company, and Frontier Telephone Company. Republican; Universalist. Trustee Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo Homeo. Hospital, Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. President Cornell University Alumni Association, 1906: president Erie County Bar Association, 1905. Member Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn, Country, Park, Liberal, Century.

Cooley, James Seth, physician and surgeon, born June 29, 1845, in South Hartford, Washington County, N.Y.; son of Seth and Mary (Ingalsbe) Cooley; educated at North Granville Academy, 1858-62; Fort Edward Institute, 1864-65; Williams College, A.B. (salutatorian), 1869, A.M., 1872; Med. Dept. Univ. Vermont, 1876; Med. Dept. Univ. City of New York, M.D., 1877; married, at Willsboro Point, Essex County, New York, June 20, 1872, M. Reba Clark; children: Mary Hope, born July 25, 1872; Earnest Grenville, born July 17, 1875; instructor Fort Edward Institute, 1869-73; principal Glens Falls, N.Y., Academy, 1873-76; medical practice, Hudson Falls, N.Y., 1877-80; Luzerne, N.Y., 1889-96; Glen Cove, N.Y., 1886-94; coroner, Warren County, N.Y., 1883-86; Queens County, N.Y., 1890-92; school commissioner, Queens County, 1894-1900; Nassau County, 1900-11; district superintendent of schools, First District, Nassau County, 1912. Republican; Presbyterian. Mem. Queens-Nassau Medical Society (secretary-treasurer); Medical Society State of New York; Associated Physicians of Long Island; Nassau Hospital Ass'n (secretary); State Ass'n School Supt's; National Ed. Ass'n, etc. .

Cornwell, William Caryl, banker; born in Lyons, N.Y., Aug. 19, 1851; son of Francis E. Cornwell and Catherine L. Cornwell. He entered th3 banking house of H. N. Smith and Company, Buffalo, as messenger. Cashier. Bank of Buffalo, from 1878 to 1893, and in 1893 he organized and became president of the City National Bank of Buffalo. He is a student of finance and has made an earnest effort to secure improvement in banking, and currency systems. Mr. Cornwell has become an authority on financial subjects, through addresses and publications during the past ten years. Mr. Cornwell was one of the founders of the New York State Bankers' Association, and its first president. He has served as vice-president and member of the Executive Council of the American Bankers' Association, and was chairman on the Committee on Education of that association for five years. Through the efforts of this committee the American Institute of Bank Clerks was organized, of which he became the first president. He was appointed delegate to the Monetary Convention in 1895; and a member of the Executive Committee of the Indianapolis Monetary Convention in 1898. Associated with J. S. Bache & Company, bankers, since 1905. Mr. Cornwell is author of: Currency and Banking Law of Canada. 1894: Souid Monev Monographs. 1897; What Is a Bank? which was published by the American Bankers' Association, of which 500.000 copies were distributed or sold; Bonds as a Safety Reserve for Bankers (issued by J. S. Bache & Company), which covered a careful investigation into the subject of bond- holding by banks. In addition to his interest in banking and financial subjects, he is a student of art and writer on art subjects. Mr. Cornwell married at Buffalo, Oct. 9, 1873, Marian W. Loomis, daughter of Dr. H. N,Loomis. Address: J. S. Baclie & Company, 42 Broadway, New York City.

Cosgrove, John, lawyer and congressman of Boonville, Mo., was born Sept. 12, 18.'59, in Alexandria. N.Y. He was twice elected city attorney of Boonville, Mo.; and in 1872 was elected prosecuting attorney of Cooper County. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions of 1872 and 1880; and in 1883-85 he was a representative from Missouri to the forty-eighth congress as a Democrat.

Crandall, Floyd Milford, physician and editor; horn Belfast. N.Y., May 2, 1858; son Charles Milford (M.D.) and Deborah J. (Wood) Cran- dall; graduated Oeneseo Normal Coll., 1880; Univ. Med. Coll. of N.Y., M.D., 1884. Interne Bellevue Hosp., 1884-85; attending physician, Bellevue Dispensary, 1886-89; Northwestern Dispensary, 1889-90; surgeon N.Y. Skin and Cancer Hosp., 1890-95; visiting physician Children's Hosp., 1895-98; Minturu Hosp., 1897-99; consulting physician Infants' and Children's Hosps., since 1898. Lecturer on diseases of children. 1889-93; adjunct prof. since 1893, N.Y. Polyclinic. On editorial staff. N.Y. Med. Journal. 1889-93; managing editor, Gaillard's Med. Journal, 1893-95; editor Archives of Pediatrics, 1895-1901. Mem. Am. Pediatric Soc., Am. Med. Ass'n, Amer. Geographic Soc., Civil Service Ref. Assoc.. N.Y. State Histor. Soc., N.Y. State Med. Soc., N.Y. County Med. Soc. (pres., 1906), N.Y. Acad. Medicine (pres. Section on Pediatrics, 1895), Harvey Med. Soc., West End Soc. (pres., 1895): Soc. Alumni Bellevue Hosp. (pres., 1910); mem. N.Y. State B'd Med. Examiners. Author: "How to Keep Well," 1903; also about sixty medical monographs and papers. Address: 113 W. 95th St., N.Y. City.


Danforth, Henry Gold, congressman, was born June 14, 1854, in Monroe County, N.Y. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses.

Davis, Edward Parker, physician, obstetrician and author of Philadelphia. Pa., was born Sept. 16, 1856, near Syracuse, N.Y. Graduate of Princeton University, and M.A. of Princeton; graduate of medicine, Rush Medical College, Chicago, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; also studied in Europe. Superintendent of Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, professor of obstetrics in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; editor of the American Journal of Medical Sciences, 1890-1898; author of "Treatise on Obstetrics," "Operative Obstetrics," "Obstetric Gynecologic Nursing." "Mother and Child," "Monographs and Papers." Ex-president and member American Gynecological Society, International Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, American Medical Association, College of Physicians of Philadelphia; ex-president Philadelphia Obstetrical Society; honorary member Academy of Surgery of Bucharest, Ophthalmological Society of Egypt, Gynecological Society of Chicago, Medical Society State of Virginia. Obstetrician to the Jefferson Hospital, obstetrician and gynecologist to the Philadelphia Hospital, consultant to the Preston Retreat.


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