Successful Men From Manhattan 1913 Nathan-Roosevelt

Nathan, Gratz, lawyer of 261 Broadway, N.Y. City; born N.Y. City, May 25, 1843; son Jonathan and Rebecca Gratz (Moses) Nathan; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B., 1861, A.M.. 1864; married N.Y. City, Nov. 6, 1867, Eudora Hart; one daughter, Constance. In active practice since admission to bar. in 1864; assistant corporation counsel, City of N.Y., 1867-72. Democrat; Israelite. Member N.Y. Law Inst., N.Y. .Genal. and Biog. Soc.. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia Coll. Alumni Ass'n, St. Nicholas Soc.; trustee (vestryman) Congregation Shearith Israel; director Hebrew Relief Soc. Club: National Democratic.

Olcott, Eben Erskine, mining engineer of New York City, was born in New York City, March 11, 1854; son John N. and Euphemia Helen (Knox) Oleott; educated Old Public School No. 35; Coll. City of N.Y., Columbia Univ. School of Mines, 1874; married, N.Y. City, 1884, Katharine Lawrence Van Santvoord; children: Alfred V. S. Van Santvoord, born 1886; Charles T., born 1889; Mason, born 1893, Katharine L., born 1896. Has traveled extensively in South America and Mexico, principally on mining trips; member firm Oleott & Corning. President, general manager and director Hudson River Day Line (steamboats); president and director Mary Powell Steamboat Co.; director Lincoln National Bank; Catskill Mountain Railway Co.; Cairo R. R. Co.; Otis Elevating Co.; trustee Lincoln Safe Deposit Co. Republican. Member Reformed (Dutch) Church; member American Institute Mining Engineers (past pres.), United Engineering Soc. (past pres.), American Society Civil Engineers; vice-president George Junior Republic; treasurer Laymen's Missionary Movement. Clubs: University, Union League, Engineers, Down Town.

Olmsted, William Beacon, head master Pomfret school of Connecticut, was born Feb. 26. 1864. in New York City. In 1887 he received the degree of A.B. from Trinity College; in 1908 received the honorary degree of A.M. from Yale University; and in 1910 the honorary degree of L.H.D. from Trinity College; in 1887-97 he was master of St. Mark's School of Southboro, Mass.; and since 1897 has been head master of the Pomfret School at Pomfret, Conn. In 1908 he was ordained deacon, and in 1900 was ordained priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Opdyke, George Howard, lawyer and financier of N.Y. City, where he was born, 1867; son of Sylvester H. and Elizabeth (Morey) Opdyke; Opdyke family were among the original Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam (now New York) ; graduated from Wesleyan University. Middleton, Conn.. Ph.B.; Columbia University. M.A.; New York University, Ph.D., Columbia Law School. Admitted to Georgia bar, 1893; engaged in railway, mining and industrial development in South and West. President, Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co., Rector Gas Lamp Co., New South Mining and Development Co.. vice-president Yreka & Scott Vallev Railroad Co., Farnam Cheshire Lime Co.

Owen, William Henry, Jr., clergyman of New York City; born Oct. 11, 1874, N.Y. City; son William Henry and Mary Lavinia (Brooks) Owen; graduated Yale Univ., B.A., 1897, M.A.. 1899; Gen. Theol. Sem., N.Y. City, B.D., 1903. Was assistant minister St. Thomas' Church. N.Y. City, 1901-06; since, rector Trinity Church, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; has traveled extensively in United States, Europe and Canada. Progressive; Episcopalian. Member Sons of the Revolution, Soc. Colonial Wars, N.Y. Churchman's Ass'n; Mt. Vernon Ministers Ass'n; Municipal Art Commission City of Mt. Vernon. Recreations: General outdoor sports. Club: Yale.

Paltsits, Victor Hugo
, historian and librarian of 1855 Morris Ave., New York City, was born July 12, 1867, in New York City. He was connected with the Lenox Library in 1888-1907; assistant in the reading room in 1890; sub-librarian in 1893-1907; title changed to assistant librarian in 1896: nominated July 15 and commissioned July 24, 1907, by Governor Hughes, state historian of New York, and in that office till May 22, 1911. Editor The Journal of Capt. William Pote, Jr., 1745-47 (N.V. 1896); Peoples Relating to the Siege of Charleston; Captivity of Captain John Gyles, 1689-97 (in preparation); Captivity of Nehemiah How (Cleveland. 1904). Author Contributions to Bibliography of the Lettres Edifiantes (Cleveland 1900); Bibliography of the Separate and Collected Works of Philip Freneau (N.Y. 1903). Since June, 1911, he has been connected with I. N. Phelps Stokes on extensive work, The Iconographv of Manhattan Island, 1609-1909; chairman committee New York Historical Society, N.Y. Library Club, 1912-14.

Patten, Thomas Gedney, congressman, was born Sept. 12, 1861, in New York City. He is president of the New York and Long Branch Steamboat Company. He was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a democrat; and resides in New York City.

Paulding, Charles C.
, lawyer; born New York City, Dee. 10, 1868; son William H. and Anne (Depew) Paulding; grad. Yale Univ., A.B., 1889 (honors in English literature); unmarried. Solicitor N.Y. Central & Hudson R.R.R. Co. Republican. Mem. N.Y. Bar Ass'n; N.Y. State Bar Ass'n; Westchester County Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Transportation, University, Yale, Ardsley, Republican, Union League, Metropolitan (Washington, D.C.) Address: Ardsley-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Pell, Howland Haggerty, banker and broker of New York City, where he was born May 30, 1872; son of John H. and Caroline E. (Hyatt) Pell; attended Flushing Institute, Flushing, L.I.; married, N.Y. City, Nov. 27, 1895, Mary W. Willets; children: Howland H., Jr., Orlie Anna H., Mary Willets. Alember of firm of -S. H. P. Pell & Co., also member New York Stock Exchange. Served for three years in 2d Division N.Y. State Naval Militia. Republican; Episcopalian. Member Society of Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas Society, New York Historical Society, American Geographical Society, Sons of Veterans. Clubs: Union, N.Y. Yacht, Calumet, Automobile of America, New York Athletic, Garden City Golf. Oakland Golf. Turf and Field, Rockaway Hunting. Residence: Westhury, L.I.

Phelan, Thomas A.
, importer; born in New York City; son of Michael Phelan and Marie A. (Jacobs) Phelan. He was graduated from St. Francis' Xavier College, New York City, as A.B. and A.M. At the age of twenty-four he became a partner with E. W. Tiers and Company, afterward a member of the firm of George W. Lane and Company, now the oldest tea importing house in the United States. He is the originator of the present law against the admission of spurious and adulterated tea. which has worked a great reform by eliminating spurious importations and safeguarding the consumer. He was elected first president of the National Tea Association and was first chairman of tea experts, appointed by the Government under the new law. Mr. Phelan is senior member of the firm of George W. Lane and Company, and is a member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, Xavier Alumni Association. He is also trustee of the American Asiatic Association, was one of the founders and one of the board of trustees of the City Club. His favorite recreations are golf. music, medicine, traveling, and he is a member of the City, Down Town, Richmond County and Country dubs. Mr. Phelan married in New York City, April 24. 1879, Katherine A. L. Keane, and their children are: Paul L., Harold L., Thomas A., Jr., and Alfred C. City residence: 107 West Seventy-sixth St.. New York City. Country residence: Larehmont Manor, N.Y. Office address: 140-142 Pearl St., N.Y.

Phoenix, Lloyd, ex-officer of the United States Navy; born in New York, 1841; entered Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1857; was graduated in 1861 after full four year course; warrant as midshipman, June 1, 186l ; warrant as master, July 18. 1861; commission of lieutenant, July 15, 1862; resigned, June 27, 1865. The exigencies of the Government required that cadets at the academy should be placed on board ship at the earliest practicable moment, and hence we find young Phoenix serving as a lieutenant a little more than a year after his entry into the navy. For the ensuing three years Lieutenant Phoenix was engaged in many contests which called for the best qualifies of the sailor. So long as he was in active service. with the stimulus of having to face an actual foe, he was well content and found a keen enjoyment in the discharge of his duties. But after the war came the beginning of those doldrums which cost the navy many officers of fine prominence, such as Nicholson Katie.  H. P. Belmont. Jacob Miller, Butler Duncan and others. So Lieutenant Phoenix resigned his commission, with many others, but not the love Iip had acquired for the sea, for if ever a man was by nature and habit wedded to the ocean, such a one was Lieutenant Phoenix. He became a member of the New, York Yacht Club, and has spent much of his life on the water. He is owner of the Intrepid, a three-masted schooner, with auxiliary screw, for use in time of calms, with which he has cruised in many seas. While on one of his cruises Mr. Phoenix was enabled to render valuable assistance in rescuing the officers and crew of the wrecked United States man-of-war Kearsarge, which had been driven on a reef in the West Indies, during a storm, and had become a total wreck. For this humane act. he was thanked by the authorities. When not cruising, Mr. Phoenix is very fond of driving fast horses, of which he is the owner of several fine specimens, and he is often seep driving one of these on the Speedway. He is a connoisseur in art, and has a valuable collection of paintings, bric-a-brac, and objects d'art. He is a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion. and of the Union, the Knickerbocker, the University, the Metropolitan. New York Yacht. Seawan haka-Corinthian Yacht. Larchmont Yacht, Army and Navy, and Turf and Field Clubs of New York City. Address: 21 East Thirty-third Street, New York City.

Putnam, Herbert, librarian of the United States congress, was born Sept. 20, 1861, in New York City. In 1883 he graduated from Harvard College; and he has received the degrees of Litt.D. and LL.D. In 1886 he was admitted to the Minneapolis bar; in 1892 to the bar of Suffolk County, Mass.; and in 1892-95 practiced law in Boston, Mass. In 1884-87 he was librarian of the Minneapolis athenaeum; in 1887-91 was librarian of the Minneapolis public library; and in 1895-99 was librarian of the Boston public library. Since 1898 he has twice been president of the American Library Association. Since 1899 he has been librarian of the library of congress; and resides in Washington. D.C.

Lewis, Robert, . physician, otologist and rhinologist of 48 West Fortieth St., New York City, was born March 8, 1862, in New York City. He graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the medical department of the Columbia University. He has been surgeon in the aural department of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary since 1901; has been professor of clinical otology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University since 1908.  He is a contributor to The Reference Handbook. He is a member of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Ridder, Henry, of 27 Spruce St., New York City; born New York City, Nov. 18, 1863; educated at De La Salle Coll., N.Y. City; married, N.Y. City. Always in publishing business. President and treasurer The Catholic News. Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: Catholic, N.Y. Press, German Press. Address: 27 Spruce St., N.Y. City.

Roosevelt, Theodore, ex-president United States of America, was born Oct. 27, 1858, in New York City. He is a politician and municipal reformer of New York City; and president of the board of police commissioners of New York City from 1895 to 1897, when he resigned that position to become assistant secretary of the navy. He is the author of ''The Naval War of 1S12"; "Hunting Adventures of a Ranchman"; "Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail"; "The Winning of the West"; "The Wilderness Hunter"; "Essays on Practical Politics"; "History of the City of New York"; and "Lives of Thomas H. Benton and Gouverneur Morris." During the Spanish-American War he served with distinction as colonel of the Rough Riders. In 1898 he was elected governor of the state of New York. In 1900 ho was unanimously nominated and subsequently elected vice-president of the United States as a republican. Upon the death of President McKinley in 1901 he became president of the United States; and in 1904 was elected to the same office for the term of 1905-09.

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