Successful Men From Manhattan 1913 Davison-Forster

Davison, Charles Stewart, lawver, born in New York City Apiil 14. 1855; second son of Edward Francis Davison and Charlotte Sewall (White) Davison. He was educated in private schools and abroad with a tutor. He attended Harvard University (class of 1875); Columbia University Law School (class of 1877), and the University of Cambridge (England) and the Inner Temple-London). He was chairman of the Good Government Clubs and chairman of the Parker Independent Clubs. Mr. Davison is a member of the New York Zoological Society: the American Museum of Natural History and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, formerly chairman of the Executive Committee of the latter. Ho is a member of the Century Association and of the University, City, Harvard, Boone and Crocket. Down Town Clubs of New York City. Address: 60 Wall St., New York City.

Day, Joseph P., real estate broker and auctioneer of New York City, where he was born Sept. 22, 1873. At the age of twenty-one he established himself in the real estate and insurance business; and in 1898 negotiated tile heaviest accident policy ever written. In recent years he has been especially prominent in the sale ol' real estate at auction in which field he is the recognized leader in this country. In 1908 he sold over two thousand lots; and was auctioneer in the famous Ogden state sale lasting four days, disposing of fifteen hundred lots in West Bronx. In three years ending 1909 he sold at auction over one hundred million dollars' worth of real estate in and around Greater New York; and in 19l0 sold nearly one million's worth. In 1910 he took charge of Newark Meadows, a three thousand-acre tract, for an industrial factory city development; and in 1912 took charge of the Wykagyl Reservation in New Rochelle.

Dean, Herbert H., banker of 27 Pine St., New York City, was born May 4. 1865. in New York City. He has been a member of the firm of Edward B. Smith and Company and director of the Mexican Lead Company. He is a member of the Nassau Country Club, Sleepy Hollow Club, Press Club and New York Chamber of Commerce. He is director of Atlantic City Electric Company. Bucyrus Company, Hale and Kilburn Company and the International Motor Company.

Delafield, Lewis L., lawyer, born in New York City, Jan. 30, 1863; son of Lewis L. Delafleld and Emily (Prime) Delafield. He was educated at St. Paul's School at Concord, New Hampshire, at Harvard and the Columbia Law School, "graduating from there in 1884 with the degree of LL.B. He has been for many years in the active practice of his profession, and is a member of the law firm of Hawkins, Delafield & Longfellow. He is a member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, and has been chairman of its executive committee; he has also served for several terms as chairman of the executive committee of the New York State Bar Association, and has been vice-president of that association; he was a member of the executive committee of the Committee of Seventy in 1894, and secretary of the Rapid Transit Board of New York City from 1895 to 1899. He was nominated in 1906 by the lawyers of the City of New York for Justice of the Supreme Court. Mr. Delafield is a member of the Episcopal Church and of the Union and Century Clubs of New York City. He married, April 25, 1885, Charlotte Hoffman Wyeth. Their children are: Lewis L., Junior, and Charlotte, and Emily Delafield. Address: 20 Exchange Place, New York City.

De Vries, Joseph Carlisle, born May 26, 1874, New York City, N.Y.; parents James and Katherine De Vries; married Mabel Cordelia 1Vris-ht Jan. 18, 1898; children (living) Garrett and Van Beuren; educated public schools, New York City; graduated May 9, 1895, medical department, New York University; lie. Connecticut, June 14. 1897; District of Columbia, May 9, 1899; New York, Feb. 1, 1909; Illinois, Mar. 1. l910; dcg. M.D.; secretary of class; professor of pathology, med. dept.. National (now George Washington) University, Washington, D.C., 1899-1903; acting assist, surgeon U.S. Army, July 8, 1898, to Nov. 1, 1899; commissioned acting asst. surgeon, rank of lieut. (J.G.) U.S. Navy, Feb. 16, 1903, to April 11, 1905; captain and asst. surgeon med. dept., N.G.N.Y. and assigned to 14th Regiment Infantry. Jan. 26, 1906, to June 25, 1910; attending gynecologist. Emergency Hospital and Central Dispensary, Washington, D.C.. 1899-1903; attending surgeon St. Bartholomew's Clinic, New York, 1905-07; house physician Loomis Consumptive Hospital, New York. 1895-96; house surgeon Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia. Pa., 1896-97; medical internel junior phys. Manhattan State Hospital, 1897-98; mem. Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S., American Medical Association, Medical Association and Society of the District of Columbia; honorary member Indian Medical Association of Calcutta, India; Physicians Mutual Aid. Army and Navy Club of New York, Long Island Auto Club of Brooklyn. Author of Seasickness; The Use of the Pneumatic Cabinet in Phthisis; Featural Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery; Hand and Instrument Disinfection; Psychic Phenomena of Intestinal Toxemias. Inventor of the Prostatic Urethnal Dilator; regular; general practice. 71 Van Sicklen Ave., Brooklyn.

Dooling, Peter J.
, United States congressman from the sixteenth district of New York, was born in 1857 in New York City. He has been a member of the state senate. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in New York City.

Dudley, John Leonard, Jr., insurance of New York City, where he was born, Oct. 22, 1881; son John Leonard and Fanny E. (Carpenter) Dudley; graduate1 Stevens' Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J., 1904; married Jan. 5, 1910, Maria Josephine Frances Garcia. Is in Europe part of every year. Director, president and gen. manager The John L. Dudley Jr., Co. of N.Y. and London; president and director of the Eagle Fire Insurance Company of N.Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Member Chamber of Commerce; Citizens Com., Hudson-Fulton Celebration, New England Society, Beta Theta Phi. Clubs: Union League. Automobile. Players.

Dugro, Philip Henry, jurist; born in New York City, October 3, 1855; Son of Anthony Duam was graduated from Columbia College, as A.B. in 1876: A.M. in 1876; and from Columbia Law School as LL.B. in 1878. He was elected a member of the Assembly of the State of New York in 1878, and a member of Congress, in 1880. He was nominated for- comptroller of the City of New York, by the Democratic Party, in 1884, but owing to his father's death immediately after nomination, he declined it. In 1886. he was nominated by the governor of New York as emigration commissioner of the State, but while the nomination was pending in the State Senate,, he was elected judge of the Superior Court 01 the City of New York. In 1896, by constitutional amendment, he was made justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, and in 19'i0. was elected to the same position for a term expiring in 19l4. Judge Dugro has always been a Democrat in politics. .He built the Hotel Savoy and the Hotel Seville. Has two children: Charles H. Dugro born in 1878) and Antonia, now Mrs. William H. Young, born in 1887. Address: Hotel Savoy, New York City.

Du Pont, Alfred Camille, physician, educator of 310 W. 23rd St., New York City, was born in N.Y. City Nov. 28, 1867, of French ancestry; educated in France and America, grad. N.Y. Univ., 1895, B.A., M.D.; married. Examiner in lunacy for state of New York; fellow Med. Soc. Greater N.Y.; life mem. Soc. Science, Letters and Art, of London, England. Mem. Alumni N.Y. Univ.; mem. Alumni French Hosp.; colonel Nat. Volunteer Emergency Service. Mem. Masonic Order, Chapter, Commandery and Mystic Shrine, active mem. and grand sec. gen. of Sovereign Grand Consistory and Supreme Council A.A.R.S. for the U.S., its Territories and Dependencies, and is a 33d degree ad vitem. Mem. B.P.O. Elks. Devotee of music and art. Director of Grand Conservatory of Music. One of the organizers of Pleiades Club.

Edholm, Mrs. K. R. J., executive secretary of City National Bank Building. Omaha, Neb., was born Dec. 31, 1809, New York City. She was Executive Secretary of the Nebraska Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. Affiliated with the University of Nebraska Free Dispensary; and Chairman of the Health Commission of Omaha. Clubs: Chairman of; Woman's Club, and District Nebraska State Woman's Club Health Commission. She is a daughter of Col. Carl Jussen, granddaughter late Gen. Alex. Shaler, of New York City.

Eickhoff, Henry, lawyer; born N.Y. City, Jan. 17, 1856; son A. and Louise E. (Neueuschwander) Eickhoff. Educated in public schools N.Y. City; College of St. Francis Xavier; LL.B., Columbia College, N.Y., 1875.

Eidlitz, Charles L.. electrical engineer of New York City, was born Sept. 3, 1866. He was the first president of the National Electric Contractors' Association, and first president of the Building Trades Employers' Association, He is president of the Charles L. Eidlitz Co., the Metropolitan Electric Mfg. Co., the Chapter Realty Co., the Invisible Roll Screen Co.; and treasurer of the Estave Realty Co. and the Atlantic Electric Goods Co.

Eidlitz, Otto Marc, builder; born New York City, Sept. 18, 1860: son of Marc and Mathilde (Sohr) Eidlitz; prepared for college, College City of New York; graduated. Cornell University, B.C.E., 1881; C.E., 1810; married Anna Atay Thomas of Ohio. Superintendent for Aiarc Eidlitz & Sou, 1881-84; member of firm of Marc Eidlitz & Son, 1884-92; head of the firm since 1892. Appointed tenement house commissioner, 1900, by  Roosevelt; appointed commissioner by Gov. Hughes in 1909, on the Commission for Investigating Employers' Liability, Safety Appliances, and the Cause and Effect of Unemployment in the State of New York. Appointee in 1912 by Edward D. White, chief .justice of the U.S., Martin A. Knapp, presiding judge of the Commerce Court, and Charles 1'. Neil, U.S. commissioner of labor, a member of the Board of Arbitration on the controversy between fifty-two railroads east of Chicago, and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Director of the U.S. Mortar Supply Coot' the Colonial Assurance Co., The Mutual Bank, Hermania Bank; trustee of the Bank for Savings; member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; member of the American Society Testing Materials, Executive Committee of the Civic Federation; fellow of the Fine Arts Society, National Geographical Society. Metropolitan .Museum of Art; member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, American Museum of Natural History; president of the Mason Builders' Association of New York, 1900-04; chairman of the Board of Governors, Building Trades Employers' Association, 1903-05; member of the following : Cornell University, Aldine. Transportation, Liederkranz, New York Athletic. Engineers', Lotos New York Chelsea Plantation, S.C.; Laurentian, Canada. D.U. Fraternity.

Faguani. Charles Prospero, D.D., educator, clergyman and author of New York City, where he was born Oct. 29, 1854. In 1873-79 he taught in the public schools of New York City. In 1882-86 he filled pastorates in New York and Yonkers, N.Y. Since 1892 he has been a professor in the Union Theological Seminary of New York City. He is the author of A Primer of Hebrew.

Forster, William, lawyer, 59 Wall St., New York City; born New York City, July 16, 1858; son Charles and Katherine (Schroeder) Forster; educated public schools, Williston Seminary, East Hampton, Mass., Packard's Business College, Columbia College, Ph.B., and Columbia Law School, LL.B.; married New York City, April 25, 1889, Anna Kress; children: William W., Vera, Herbert W. Read law in office of Hon. Ashbel P. Fitch, late controller of New York City, was admitted to bar, and entered general practice; was assistant district attorney under Col. Fellows; formed the firm of Forster, Hotaling & Klenke, of which is senior partner, the firm holding a prominent position at the bar with a large corporation practice. Was up to 1911 general solicitor for New York State Lager Beer Brewers' Association, and for the Lager Beer Brewers' Board of Trade, in which capacities became prominent as a thinker, speaker and writer on sociological and economic problems, especially those involving the principles of personal liberty, directing his efforts toward the elimination of influences tending to detract from the high standing of the brewing industry, and toward maintaining enforcement of and respect for the law. Was a director of the 19th Ward Bank of New York City until it was absorbed by the Van Norden Trust Company, afterward resigned and made an extensive tour of United States, Europe and Continent. Prior to and during the Cleveland administration was president Young Men's Independent Club. Member German Hospital, German Society, Alumni Association of Columbia College, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Academy Political Science, New York Academy Science, American Museum of Natural History, Red Cross Society, Germanic Museum, American Society International Law (Washington), Civic Forum, Columbia Alumni Association, Peace Society of City of New York, Society of Early Eighties, Williston Seminary Alumni Association, New York County Lawyers' Association. Recreations: Outdoor athletics, skating, golf. swimming. Clubs: Economic, Columbia University, Megantic, Fish and Game, Phi Delta Phi, Manhattan, German Liederkranz, Lawyers', New York Athletic, Dunwoodie Country, Park Hill Country (of which he is president), The City Club (Yonkers). Vice-president of the Municipal Tuberculosis Commission of Yonkers; member of Board of Directors of the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce.

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