Successful Men From Brooklyn, New York 1913  Bannard-Frothingham


Bannard, Otto T.,: Of New York, N.Y., president New York Trust Co.; born Brooklyn, N.Y., April 28. 1854; son of John W. and Eliza Landon (Stone) Bannard; graduate Yale, B.A., 1876; Columbia, LL.B., director Niagara Fire Insurance Co., Securities Co.. Dolphin Jute Mills. Republican. Vice-president Charity Organization Soc.; trustee United Charities Buildings; trustee Provident Loan Soc. (philanthropical pawn shop). Formerly commissioner board of education N.Y. City under Mayor Strong. Clubs: University (ex-secretary), Union, Century, Yale (ex-president), Republican (ex-president), Mid-day, South Side.

Bergen, Tunis G., lawyer of 160 Broadway, New York City; born Brooklyn, N.Y., May, 1848; son of Garret G. and Mary (Hubbard) Bergen ; educated in Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers College, A.B., 1807, University of Heidelberg, Doctor of Public Law, 1871, also University of Paris, 1872; married, Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 1881, Caroline McPhail. Engaged in practice of law in State and Federal courts and counsel for corporations and estates. President and director The Bogota City Railway Co. of South America, The Chapinero Co.; president and treasurer College Heights Land Co. of Niagara Falls; director National American Biography, and has been director of many banks and trust companies. President Board of Education of Brooklyn, 1886-91, State Commission of Charities, 1895-1900. Republican; member Reformed Dutch Church. President Board of Trustees Brooklyn Heights Seminary; trustee Rutgers College; ex-president Holland Society of New York, St. Nicholas Society, member American Bar Association. Recreations: Forestry, axe- work. Clubs: Hamilton, Brooklyn Crescent Athletic, Lawyers, Delta Phi, Onteora, Lakewood Country.


Calder, William M., congressman, was born March 3, 1869, in Brooklyn, N.Y. He received his education in the public schools of Brooklyn. N.Y.; and at the Cooper Institute of N.Y. City. He is a builder, having erected nearly one thousand houses in the borough of Brooklyn. He was building commissioner of the borough of Brooklyn in 1902-03. He was elected to the fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses. He was reelected to the sixty-third congress from the Sixtieth District of N.Y. for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Campbell, William Francis, born Nov. 7, 1865, Brooklyn, N.Y.; parents, Alexander and Catharine Amelia (Bennett) Campbell; educated public school No. 4. Brooklyn, N.Y.; N.Y. University, 1887; graduated L.I. Coll. Hosp., 1892; lie. New York, 1S92; deg. A.B., N.Y. University, 1887, and M.D., L.I.C.H., 1892; interne Methodist Epis. Hosp., 1892-94; pres. Med. Soe. State of N.Y.; ex-pres. Kings Co. Med. Soc.; surg. 2nd Brig. N.G.N.Y., rank of major; prof. of anatomy, L.I. Coll. Hosp.; surg.-in- chief Trinity Hosp.; att. surg. Meth. Epis. Hosp.; cons. surg. Jamaica Hosp., Swedish Hosp., Coney Island Hosp.; mem. A.M.A., Amer, Assoc. of Anatomists, Amer. Acad, of Med., Med. Soc. State of N.Y., Kings Co. Med. Soc., Assoc. Physicians of Long Island, Brooklyn Surg. Soc,, Brooklyn Med. Soc., Brooklyn Pathol. Soc., L.I. Med. Soc., Williamsburg Med. Soc., Brooklyn Soc. of Clinical Surgery, N.Y. Acad. of Med., Med. Soc. Greater N.Y., University Club, Hamilton Club, Crescent Club, Union League Club. Riding and Driving Club, Montauk Lodge No. 286, F. & A. M.; Kismet Shrine, Clinton Commandery; author: Surgical Anatomy, Surgery of Childhood; Regular; Surgery. Office: 394 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Hours: 35 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tel. Prospect 4200.

Carew, John F., United States Congressman from the seventeenth district of New York, was born April l6. 1876, in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is n lawyer. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in New York City.

Cohen, Julius Henry, lawyer of New York City, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 26, 1873; son of Henry and Elizabeth (Wolf) Cohen; educated in public schools, N.Y. City; Evening High School, and Evening Division, University Law School (then Metropolis Law School), LL.B., 2nd prize, 1896; married, New York City, July 20, 1900, Ida Strasburger. Associated with Horace E. Deming, 1899-1904, in prosecution of charges against District Attorney Asa Bird Gardiner, attorney for Transit Reform Committee of 100, 1902-05, city attorney for "free transfers" on street surface railroads; one of the counsels for William R. Hearst in mayoralty contest; associate counsel with William M. Ivins in investigation of department of street cleaning. Special U. S. attorney in prosecution of bankruptcy frauds, 1905-6; chairman Legislative Committee of Citizens' Union (opposition to railway "grab" bills, Remsen gas bill, Niagara "grab" bill; bill reorganizing municipal court, and bill creating public service commission); chairman Commission on Press and Literature, Jerome Campaign Committee, 1905. Independent Democrat. Member Association Bar City of New York, American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association, Commercial Law League, City Reform and Fair and County Clubs, Citizens' Union, Transit Reform Committee 100, Municipal Art Society, Society for Ethical Culture (trustee), Young Men's Hebrew Association, United Hebrew Charities, Legal Aid Society. Member Executive Committee, and chairman Committee on Legislation of Citizen's Union. Recreations: Golf and music. Club: City.

Cole, Edward Franklyn, retired merchant; born at Brooklyn, New York, January 4. 1860; son of Edward Hall and Catherine Buliard (Chase) Cole. His early education was received in the schools of Brooklyn, and he afterward entered Columbia University, from which he was graduated as A.B., in 1886, and A.M., in 1887. After graduation Mr. Cole engaged in mercantile business, and he was acting treasurer of the Eaton, Cole & Burnham Company, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and New York City, from 1889 to 1906.' He is a member of the Universalist Church. Mr. Cole has membership in various societies, including the Long Island Historical Society, the New York Historical Society, the New York Zoological Society, the Metropolitan Museum, of Art, the National Geographic Society, of Washington, D. C.; the National Sculpture Society, the Dunlap Society, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, and Kaue Lodge of Masons. He is also a director of the New York Board of Trade and Transportation. His favorite recreation is the collection of a library, He is a member of the New York Athletic, Lotos, Ardsley, Economic, and Columbia University Clubs of New York City, the Englewood Golf Club of New Jersey, and the Hamilton Club of Brooklyn. Mr. Cole married, February 9, 1895, Evelyn J. Elliott (who died September 3, 1904), and August 15, 1906, he married Mary Lee Withers. Address: Times Building, Forty-second street and Broadway, New York City.

Doherty, Leo Vincent, insurance broker of 95 Johns Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y.; born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1884; son of John Henry and Katherine Theresa (Sweeney) Doherty; educated at Polytechnic Preparatory School, Brooklyn Latin School (two honors in English); unmarried. Republican. Member Alpha Phi fraternity, Alpha Phi Alumni Assn., Xavier Alumni Soc., Brooklyn Latin School Alumni Assn., and Central Citizens' League. Clubs: Montauk and Republican. Alderman member of the board representing the 51st district, New York. Member of the Republican, City, and County Committees; besides member also of Prospect Heights Citizens' Assn., Brooklyn Insurance Brokers' Assn., The Casualty Insurance Exchange, New York Fire Insurance Exchange and Emerald Society.

Dunn, Henry E., president of The Bradstreet Co. of New York City; born Brooklyn, N.Y.. Dec. 9, 1808; received public school education; married, Rochester, N.Y., June 24, 1896. Elizabeth Wadsworth Ives: three children. President and director The Bradstreet Co. Member Chamber of Commerce. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Club: Merchants.

Emanuel, John Henderson, Jr., banker and broker of New York City; born Brooklyn, N.Y., May 8, 1870; son of John Henderson and Margaret Waiters (Sayre) Emanuel; educated in public schools of Brooklyn; married, Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1898, Jennett Idele Englis; children: Jennett Englis, Henderson. In employ of banking house of J. P. Morgan & Co., 1886-1905; established in 1905 Stock Exchange firm of Emanuel, Parker & Co.-, of which he is senior member in N.Y. City, with branch office at Albany, N.Y. Republican. Member Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, N.Y. Zoological Society, N.Y. Botanical Society. Clubs: Union League, Railroad, Marine and Field, Hamilton (Brooklyn); Englewood Golf. Englewood (Engle- wood, N.J.); Fort Orange (Albany).

Fitzgerald, John Joseph, congressman, was born March 10, 1872, in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention of Kansas City in 1900. He was a member of the fifty-sixth, fifty- seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses. He was reelected to the sixty-third congress from the seventh district of New York for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Frew, Walter Edwin, banker, of New York City; born Brooklyn, N.Y., July 1, 1864; son of George Edward and Amand A. (Croker) Frew; educated in Greenpoint Academy and public school; married, July 28, 1888, Ella Louise Carman; daughter: Helen Louise Frew, born Dec. 24, 1890. Entered employ of Messrs. Shepherd, Knapp & Co., remaining for six years; accepted employ in Eleventh Ward Bank as clerk, 1885; appointed cashier of Queens County Bank, Long Island City, 1889. and elected president, 1895. holding that office four years. Is vice-president and director Corn Exchange Bank, director Bankers' Trust Company, United Button Company; trustee Dry Dock Savings Bank. Was secretary New York Clearing House Association and during panic of 1907, member Loan Company. January. 1911, elected president Corn Exchange Bank; March 1, 1912, vice-president and director Corn Exchange Safe Deposit Company; also director Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company; director and chairman executive committee Washington Trust Company. Member New York City house committee.

Frothingham, Theodore Longfellow, lawyer; born in Brooklyn. N.Y.; Sept. 10, 1863; son of James Harding and Wilhelmine E. (Victor) Frothingham. He was educated at the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute from 1875 to 1880; and was graduated from Harvard University. A.B., in 1884 and from Harvard Law School. LL.B., in 1887. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1887, and ever since engaged in practice. Director in various business corporations. Is member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York County Lawyers' Association, Harvard Law School Association; trustee of the Brooklyn Hospital and Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute; chairman of Administration Committee of Brooklyn Public Library; chairman of Committee on Hospitals, State Charities Aid Association. Is a member of the University, Harvard and Down Town Association Clubs of New York City, and Hamilton, Twentieth Century and Brooklyn Heights Casino Clubs of Brooklyn. He married in Brooklyn, N.Y.. Dee. 2, 1901, Elizabeth F. Mason, and they have one son: Theodore Frothingham, born March 2, 1904; and one daughter, Elizabeth Frothingham, born Nov. 9, 1908. Address (summer) : South Yarmouth, Mass. Office address: 32 Liberty Street, New York City.


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