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Italian Harlem's Gallery of Past/Present Performers and Their Music  (put your speakers on) Italians are an "Artistic" people. With their skills, crafts, occupations, cuisine, folk dance ensembles, family singing, música paesana, Operatic Tenors, sopranos, popular music  and much more have contributed a wide variety of their gifted arts and entertainment to this country as well as the world.

I would like to quote this exerpt from Antonio Mangano's article written in 1904: "The Associated Life of the Italians in New York City" regarding the Italian Community in New York City.

"In matters of amusement and recreation, the Italian finds boundless pleasure in comparatively simple things. Gathered about a table sipping coffee or wine, listening to some music, a stroll up and down the street, a game of cards in a saloon or in some friend's house—these are the chief amusements of the masses. It is music, however, which appeals most strongly to the Italian character. He is not carried away with our slam-bang- band music, nor do you hear him whistling and humming the so-called popular ' songs of the day." "it is the opera which lifts him to the third heaven. The favorite operas of Verdi, Puccini and Mascagni, always draw large Italian audiences at the Metropolitan, especially so if the leading artists are Italians, and often such is the case. With the love of music is joined a sentiment of patriotism." (Antonio Mangano)




  The Neapolitan: Enrico Caruso "The Golden Voice of the Century"


Mario Lanza


Dean Martin


Andrea Bocelli


        Claudio Villa was the most important and loved singer of 'Italian melodic  song.. his songs were only the old songs of italian music'.


Frank Sinatra


Tony Bennett


"The New Generation of Italian Singers"


Giani Fiorellino


Anna Tatangelo

Artist: Franco Corso: A great modern Italian singer. Listen to brief sample of some of his songs online which is provided through his website. These albums are a collection of the most Romantic Classic Italian-American songs, recorded with a great Orchestra and performed in Italian and English.

Artist: Tony Bennett
Web Link: I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Web Link: Once Upon A Time
Web Link: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Web Link: What A Wonderful World sung by Tony Bennett and K.D. Lang
Web Link: Because of You sung by Tony Bennett and K.D. Lang

Artist: Frank Sinatra
Web Link: That's Life
Web Link: Something
Web Link: You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You
Web Link: Reaching For The Moon
Web Link: From This Moment On
Web Link: Angel Eyes
Web Link: You and the Night and the Music

Artist: Andrea Bocelli
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli, Sogno
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli-Melodramma
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli, Las Hojas Muertas
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli-Vivo per lei
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli: A te (feat. Kenny G.)
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli & Lorin Maazel-Sentimento
Web Link: Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli: The Prayer
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli: Resta Qui
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli: Sancta Maria
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli: Cuore N'grato
Web Link: Andrea Bocelli-lo ci saro (feat. Lang Lang)

Artist: Luciano Pavarotti
Web Link: Pavarotti-Nessun Dorma
Web Link: Pavarotti-"Granada" by Lara
Web Link: Pavarotti and Bocelli Medley

Artist: Mario Lanza
Web Link: Lanza- RARE 1952 Musica proibita (Gastaldon)
Web Link: Lanza-Core 'ngrato
Web Link: Lanza-Granada
Web Link: Lanza-RARE 1952 La Spagnola (di Chiara)
Web Link: Lanza-Recitar (Vesti la giuba)
Web Link: Lanza-La donna e mobile
Web Link: Mario Lanza -"Arrivederci, Roma"

Artist: Dean Martin
Web Link: Dean Martin-Sway
Web Link: Dean Martin- Volare
Web Link: Dean Martin-"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You"

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