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"The Golden Age of Television"

The 1950s was dubbed the "Golden Age of Television".  Prior to Television being an important addition to the family life, radio and newspapers were once the main source for entertainment. Improvement in the American economy, expansion of higher education, suburbanization and government assistance to veterans were conditions in the post-World War II years. These conditions provided favorable circumstances for economic advancements. Many Americans began climbing the economic ladder , which resulted in their enjoying a more elevated standard of living because of higher paying jobs. Consumers  began buying goods that were not available during the war. Those who had money owned a television set, but as time went on, televisions became less expensive and more popular. There was no need  for the family to huddle around the television set as they once did with the radio. Many of the shows and entertainers that were heard on the radio, were able to make the transition from radio to television. After World War II, the television industry boomed with a variety of shows one  after the other. The 50s created a new world of family entertainment. Even children on Saturday, had their own programs with Howdy Doody, Kukla, Fran and Ollie  and many others. Quiz shows were very popular as well as a long line of television commercials for automobiles and other household products. . As a result of television , families were no longer secluded from the outside influences, as images from around the world would be transmitted right into their living rooms.








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